Monday, September 10, 2012

Quelimane - Week 21

Dear Family, 

It has been a crazy week! Losing my companion, being the only person responsible for every living soul in my area. It's a scary concept. This is probably the thoughest time for me right now during my mission. But I know I'll learn a lot once it's all over and once I get back in the rythmn of everything.
Yesterday was especially scary for me, because I showed my area! I'm walking with members until my new companion shows up. So yesterday I walked with Patel, he's nineteen and I have been a missionary for a longer time then he's been a member. So as you could imagine, I was terrified to walk and teach with someone who didn't really know what he was doing. I ended up doing all the talking in every lesson, all day. I prayed so hard that the Lord would help me understand so that I can help my investigators. And he definitely blessed me! Tomorrow I'll be walking with another member as well. And we have a big day planned! So it should be interesting.
We just recieved the transfer slides seconds ago. My new companion is Elder Mendes from Cape Verde. That means he speaks one language... Portuguese.  I know it will help me grow in the language a ton.  I'll make it very clear that we'll be working hard. We can't  ruin the progression of our investigators that we've worked so hard for.  He should get here probably Thursday.
Sounds like everything at home is going good! Soccer, school, work, church, more play, sounds like everyones busy!
Dad, let me know about you work of work! Where's your office at anyway?
You guys are all in my prayers, but I would have you know that my focus is here and the people in my area. I've grown to love this people and I would honestly do anything for them. But I love hearing from all of you!
Britt, You can do it! If this is something that Geoff is supposed to do, the Lord will help you. I feel all alone as well, especially knowing that the only chance these people have for salvation is because of me. So I feel alone right with you! But the Lord is always there.
Nick, keep it up in school! I know it's tough to be a teenager, but keep doing what's right and you'll be happy. And I know you'll find friends that will help you get on a mission as well. That's what's important. And I hope you serve in Portugual! And the vans? I don't really care. Take whatever makes you happy!
Small Babe, you better keep reading the Book of Mormon and being nice to Morgan! Love you!
Morgan, hope school is going good and dance! Love you!
Tiff, keep staying busy! It's good for you. Haha love you!
And Mom, I'm glad your preschool kids love you! I don't blame them, you're the best! I love you so much and thanks for everything you do for me!
Well, I don't have much more time, but this week will probably be a hard week to be completely honest. But I know if I do what's right, the Lord will help me with my investigators. Although this work is difficult, I love it and I am happy! President Holland said it best, missionary work isn't easy because salvation never was easy.´
I'm so grateful to be here in Quelimane and the Church is SO true. Wish me luck this week! Love you all!

-Elder Williams