Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photo's from Quelimane

Left to Right - Elders Gibson, Berg, Steel, Workman, Tanner, Williams, Sister and Elder Osborn

This a wedding picture that was held prepatory to the couples baptism on Saturday. Elder Williams is back left. 

Parents Note - June 27, 2012

Today we received an email from Elder Daniel Osborn (Senior missionary couple serving in Quelimane).  Thought it appropriate to post here as many family are eager to hear any word regarding his service.  One thing to note is the line "he will thrive here".  A sentence we have heard before...
An investigator told me yesterday that it was his impression, upon hearing Elder Williams speak at church, that he had already been in country for quite a while.  That is quite good.  We won't be writing you frequently, but I thought you might enjoy that little report.  I won't tell you not to worry, as parents always worry--but, This is a difficult but survivable place, and I suspect he will thrive here.

Elder Osborn

Monday, June 25, 2012

Quelimane Week 10 - June 25, 2012

(Portuguese pronunciation: "Kelly-mahn-ey")

So I'm in Mozambique! Pretty crazy. It's actually still hard to believe. The past few days have been nuts! There are black people everywhere! It's so sick. (Note:  This means "so cool"). Especially the black kids. But everyone here smells so bad. Haha

That's good you got the picture Elder and Sister Osborn sent. Did you notice all the bug bites all over my face? I've been getting destroyed!

So I'm in a town called Quelimane. Its about a 2 hour plane ride from Maputo. This place is crazy. There are a lot of huts here! So tight. You should google this place to see what it looks like. When I walked into our apartment for the first time, I thought the other Elders were just messing with me cause the apartment is trash. I'm going to struggle adjusting. The whole city has trash everywhere. There is pretty much no floor, and bugs everywhere. I'll have to show you some pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to figure pictures out. So my first night here in Quelimane was pretty weird. Mostly because I didn't know any of the other Elders, and I just had no idea what was going on or what I was getting into. The next morning I woke up with bugs bites everywhere! This is because I didn't have a mosquito net that first night. But don't worry, the second night I did! That's the worst part about this whole week, bugs. I turns out, even after I had used the mosquito net, I was still waking up with bites all over my body. So, the bugs weren't mosquitos they were bed bugs. They are the worst! It hurts like no other, and I have red bites all over my body. But it's all good. I ironed my mattress and sheets, so hopefully I see a difference over the next few days. The food here is also the worst. They have little stores, but I've been eating a lot of oatmeal with no flavor. I hate oatmeal with no flavor. So hopefully I'll be able to find some better food to eat in the stores when we go today.

My companion is Elder Todd Workman from Dallas, Oregon. Yes, Dallas, Oregon. Haha. President Spendlove said his name definitley describes him. And that's exactly what I wanted in a companion! I think it's definitely a good match. I'm his last companion, so he'll go home in September. But he's still going hard! He'll need to, especially cause I don't speak Portuguese. I don't understand a word anyone says! It's the worst. But I'll pick it up eventually.

The work here in Quelimane is pretty new. There are only like 7 members. For real. We are going to emphasize (i probably spelled that wrong) teaching families. So that we can get this area up and going. I probably be in this area for up to 6 months, so I'm really planning on being a big part in getting this area going! The downside to being here for up to 6 months is that I have to live in that apartment forever. Haha oh well.

President Spendlove is... a character. He's not like anything I expected. The food they made us the fist day was interesting. They don't eat meat and only eat whole grain. Have you ever had whole grain waffles with bird seed and raisins mixed in? With fake african syrup on top? Haha. I'm definitely excited to meet President Kretly. He comes to Quelimane on July 18th. So I'll meet him then.

I live with 5 other Elders. They've all been out over a year, so they have the whole mission thing down. Which is good that I'll be able to learn from them. They all seem like good elders.

I haven't really experienced anything to crazy since I've been here. We take a lot of bike taxis though! That's so fun. A ton of boys here just ride their bike around, and give people rides all over the city. It only costs 5 meticals (18 cents) so it's super cheap. It's the african version on new york cabs! Haha its sweet.

One nasty thing, is that people just use the bathroom wherever they darnwell please. So disgusting. There is people just squating over on the side of the road! I almost threw up. Oh well, I better get used to it! The culture here is so different.

I guess another exciting thing, is that when I was down in Maputo for a day, you would not believe how many days I almost got hit by a car. It's a miracle I wasn't! People do not know how to drive. They drive on sidewalks, where ever there is room! It's pretty much a free for all. Kind of exciting though! People drive crazy here in Quelimane as well. I better get good a dodging cars!

It's so funny, because whener we walk around people just stare at us. Especially the kids. They stare cause we are so different from them. There are only 6 white guys in this whole city. All elders. Its tight.

That's cool you guys went to Moonbeams farewell. He's gonna be a good missionary! Germany is in for a treat for sure. Sounds like you guys have been having some fun fun back in Utah!

Dad, I hope you had a good birthday! Obviously I wasn't going to forget. Did you do anything super fun?

Alright well I think that's everything! It's been a crazy week, but I am slowly adjusting. A lot of things about this place is bad, but a lot of things about this place is good. Everyone is so nice! And I'm 2 for 2 on teaching a lesson when knocking on doors. So everyone is super willing. And it's not that things are bad, it's just different. By the time I'm done in Africa, my standard of living is going to be pretty low! Which will be good as a college student. Haha

Well I love you guys and I hope you all have a good week. 

Love you!
-Elder Williams

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Safe in Quelimane, Mozambique

We received this photo from Elder and Sister Osborn (Senior couple serving in Quelimane, Mozambique).  Zachary arrived in this area on Thursday and looks great.  Elder and Sister Osborn have a blog and can be followed at  It is filled with great information about the area and culture of Mozambique.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Maputo Week 9 - June 20, 2012

Dear Family, 
So President Spendlove let us email so that you we are safe. Sorry I didn't get to call in Johannesburg. We ran into some other missionaries and mission president, and I couldn't find a phone by our gate. So I'm sorry about that. But I'm here! I wish you guys could see this place. It's crazy. I head up to my area tomorrow, and it's a few hours by plane. I'll email you when I get there! Wish me luck! 
Love you guys!

-Elder Williams

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MTC Week 8 - June 12, 2012

What up!

Another week has gone by! Thanks so much for the package you sent! It will be nice to be able to have those shoes to do service in. And words can't explain how much I love cream puffs. So thanks so much! I also was lucky to get a package from Tiff and Sam! Thank you to them! I'll be writing them personal letters today. I also have been getting DearElders from Nana and Pops and Grandma and Grandpa Deans! I definitely love hearing from them! Thanks so much! Love you guys!

We had another good week here, and definitely felt the Spirit a lot. Marlin K. Jensen came and spoke to us. It might have been the best devotional so far! So good. The language is coming along, but I obviously won't be able to learn much more before I leave considering I leave in 6 days.

We got our travel plans on friday! That was I think when it actually hit me what was going on, and that I'm going to Africa for 22 months. So crazy. We report to the travel office here at 8 am on Monday the 18th, and we drive up to Salt Lake to catch a 12:20 pm flight to Dallas. Then we have a one hour layover there and then we have a LONG flight to London! We get to London at 7 am London local time, and we have a 12 hour layover there. That will not be fun. But then at 7 pm we have another long flight to Johannesburg. We have a 3 hour layover there, and then we go to Maputo! We will land in Maputo at 10:50 Maputo local time on Wednesday the 20th. So it will definitelty be a long couple days! But I'm excited as well.

Dad, chances are you're at the airport that day, since you travel a lot. So maybe I'll see ya!

I wonder if I'll be serving in Maputo, or some jungle area.. It will definitely be an adventure! Speaking of adventure, you guys will be shocked when you find this out. So I guess I'll be leaving 2 suitcases behind full of stuff. This is because South African Airlines only excepts one checked suitcase of 44 pounds, and one carry one bag of 15 pounds. That is NOTHING. I won't have any weight to bring language books or anything. It makes me a little nervous knowing I'll only have 44 pounds of stuff for the next 2 years, but I'll have to buy some stuff there! Idk. It will definitley be a crazy experience!

I guess President Kretly gets to Mozambique on like July 1st or something. The week after we leave the MTC is when all the mission presidents come, and I guess there will be like 9 apostles here! I disappointed i'll miss that. That'd be so cool to be there for that.

Mom, no we don't have to speak portuguese all day, but our teaching pretty much only teach us in portuguese. But it's fine because I do understand what they say. But we do speak english with each other every once in awhile. But after next week we won't be. Our district was talking, and we don't even know if President Kretly speaks english. Haha he was born and raised in Brazil, so maybe not! That'd be crazy. But we'll see I guess. Our instrutors are super cool. Bro. Smith lives in Pleasant Grove and he served in Brazil. And Bro. Sorenson served in portugual. They are nice guys and have definitley taught us a lot. They're hilarious too.

Where do I find most of my happiness here at the MTC? that's a good question. We do find ways to have a lot of fun, even though we study hard. But to be honest, Gym is super enjoyable and it's nice to be able to relax. Haha but one thing the frustrates me most about learning is that I'm slower then everyone else. I've always struggled in a classroom setting, but once I get out there, I think I'll pick it up as I appply it. But we'll see.

I'm super excited for today. An elder in my district has to go to the dentist, and I have to go with him as his companion for the day, so we actually get to go out into the real world of provo! he got a root canal last week, so he needs to go back this week to follow up. That'll be fun to hit the city as missionaries!

Well I'm out of time, and I still have a ton to say. But I might be able to email saturday since we have another P day cause we're were leaving. Also, what number do you want me to call at the airport? Just the home phone? let me know. And question, is my debit card international? cause i have no idea.

Love you guys and I hope you guys have a good week!

-Elder Williams

P.S. Mom, the jeans are the bleach stained levis. Those are the most comfortable pair I have. And yes, I have my retainer :) Thanks though!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MTC Week 7- June 5, 2012

What up!

Thanks for the DearElders i got this week! It was good to hear from most of you. Sounds like the trip down to Arizona and Califonia was fun! Glad you guys had a good time. New bishopric this week? That's pretty sweet. Bishop Stewart will do an awesome job. So will Bro Bullpit and Bro Swim. But that will definitely take some time to get used to. I was super sad to hear about the Frost's son. I remember when they moved into the ward and I was the 1st assistant so I was able to get to know him pretty well in the Priest's quorom. He was a good kid. So sad.

Mom, that's sweet that you got together with all those other Mom's! I know all those guys, but I'm not super close with a few of them. But it definitely sounds like a good idea! I'm glad you were able to meet Natedog's mom and Moon's. And I guess Nate got his mission call! I don't know if she told you, but he's going to like Santa Rosa, California or something like that. Spanish Speaking! I was super pumped when I heard about it from Cole Gardner, here at the MTC. I'm not sure when he leaves, but probably not til around September.

And yeah if you could maybe track down Mitzie Allred and Lisa Adams that would be sweet! I have exchanged a few letters with Taylor and Jason since I've been here, which has been good. And Taylor told me that he even called Jason on Mother's day, and they got to talk for awhile. So that's pretty cool! But it will be a lot harder for me to stay in contact with them after I leave here. I also have gotten a few letters from Cade since he's left the MTC. That's crazy he's in Kansas right now... Doesn't look like his visa will be coming anytime soon.

Speaking of visa, we get our travel plans on Friday! So pumped. It's super weird to think about, but we're all excited. Elder Lake in our district got an email form one of the Elder's that left for Mozambique last week, and his first area is in a small jungle town, 40 miles west of Beira. That's where people live in huts. It's crazy to think that that's where I could be living in 2 weeks.

Thanks for the package of twistables! Plus i got hooked up with cashews and slim jims. You guys know me too well. Thanks so much Britt! And the rest of the Fam! I don't know if I necessarily need anything else right now, except maybe my favorite pair of Levi's. The jeans I bought for the mission aren't even close to as comfortable. So if you could send those then I'd love you. And my pair of white and black vans I would love as well. I need an old pair of shoes for service, and those would be perfect. My athletic shoes take a beating in service so if you could somehow send those two things then I'd really appreciate it! So how's summer? I bet it's weird, cause it seems like summer came super fast this year. You guys planning on going on any other trips? Camping? Sounds like Nick will have fun down at his camp this week. And Dad, you better wreck all those teacher's days on the tube like you do best. Wish I could be there with you guys! Sounds like a blast. But obviously this is where I'm supposed to be, not there.

MTC life keeps going on! 7 weeks is a long time to be here, but we it's not bad. I get to host again tomorrow which is fun! And tonight is another devotional. We're crossing our fingers for another apostle. And we probably will, because we haven't had one for a few weeks! Its pretty intense as the doors open 5 minutes before the devotional in anticipation on who it's going to be. So I'm excited for tonight.

And we continue to work hard each day in class! I can officially teach all the lessons in Portuguese, but i still have a long way to go. It's weird, cause when we're teaching I don't have trouble with the language. But throughout the day I have a hard time remembering things, and I struggle in class as well. But the Spirit definitley helps us while we're teaching. Even though it's just practice! But it's still really cool!

Alright well looks like my time is up! Thanks for the package and letters, and like I said if you could send me those pants and shoes, then that'd be great! I love and miss you guys! And I hope you all have a fun and safe week! Chao!  


Elder Williams