Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MTC Week 7- June 5, 2012

What up!

Thanks for the DearElders i got this week! It was good to hear from most of you. Sounds like the trip down to Arizona and Califonia was fun! Glad you guys had a good time. New bishopric this week? That's pretty sweet. Bishop Stewart will do an awesome job. So will Bro Bullpit and Bro Swim. But that will definitely take some time to get used to. I was super sad to hear about the Frost's son. I remember when they moved into the ward and I was the 1st assistant so I was able to get to know him pretty well in the Priest's quorom. He was a good kid. So sad.

Mom, that's sweet that you got together with all those other Mom's! I know all those guys, but I'm not super close with a few of them. But it definitely sounds like a good idea! I'm glad you were able to meet Natedog's mom and Moon's. And I guess Nate got his mission call! I don't know if she told you, but he's going to like Santa Rosa, California or something like that. Spanish Speaking! I was super pumped when I heard about it from Cole Gardner, here at the MTC. I'm not sure when he leaves, but probably not til around September.

And yeah if you could maybe track down Mitzie Allred and Lisa Adams that would be sweet! I have exchanged a few letters with Taylor and Jason since I've been here, which has been good. And Taylor told me that he even called Jason on Mother's day, and they got to talk for awhile. So that's pretty cool! But it will be a lot harder for me to stay in contact with them after I leave here. I also have gotten a few letters from Cade since he's left the MTC. That's crazy he's in Kansas right now... Doesn't look like his visa will be coming anytime soon.

Speaking of visa, we get our travel plans on Friday! So pumped. It's super weird to think about, but we're all excited. Elder Lake in our district got an email form one of the Elder's that left for Mozambique last week, and his first area is in a small jungle town, 40 miles west of Beira. That's where people live in huts. It's crazy to think that that's where I could be living in 2 weeks.

Thanks for the package of twistables! Plus i got hooked up with cashews and slim jims. You guys know me too well. Thanks so much Britt! And the rest of the Fam! I don't know if I necessarily need anything else right now, except maybe my favorite pair of Levi's. The jeans I bought for the mission aren't even close to as comfortable. So if you could send those then I'd love you. And my pair of white and black vans I would love as well. I need an old pair of shoes for service, and those would be perfect. My athletic shoes take a beating in service so if you could somehow send those two things then I'd really appreciate it! So how's summer? I bet it's weird, cause it seems like summer came super fast this year. You guys planning on going on any other trips? Camping? Sounds like Nick will have fun down at his camp this week. And Dad, you better wreck all those teacher's days on the tube like you do best. Wish I could be there with you guys! Sounds like a blast. But obviously this is where I'm supposed to be, not there.

MTC life keeps going on! 7 weeks is a long time to be here, but we it's not bad. I get to host again tomorrow which is fun! And tonight is another devotional. We're crossing our fingers for another apostle. And we probably will, because we haven't had one for a few weeks! Its pretty intense as the doors open 5 minutes before the devotional in anticipation on who it's going to be. So I'm excited for tonight.

And we continue to work hard each day in class! I can officially teach all the lessons in Portuguese, but i still have a long way to go. It's weird, cause when we're teaching I don't have trouble with the language. But throughout the day I have a hard time remembering things, and I struggle in class as well. But the Spirit definitley helps us while we're teaching. Even though it's just practice! But it's still really cool!

Alright well looks like my time is up! Thanks for the package and letters, and like I said if you could send me those pants and shoes, then that'd be great! I love and miss you guys! And I hope you all have a fun and safe week! Chao!  


Elder Williams