Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MTC Week 8 - June 12, 2012

What up!

Another week has gone by! Thanks so much for the package you sent! It will be nice to be able to have those shoes to do service in. And words can't explain how much I love cream puffs. So thanks so much! I also was lucky to get a package from Tiff and Sam! Thank you to them! I'll be writing them personal letters today. I also have been getting DearElders from Nana and Pops and Grandma and Grandpa Deans! I definitely love hearing from them! Thanks so much! Love you guys!

We had another good week here, and definitely felt the Spirit a lot. Marlin K. Jensen came and spoke to us. It might have been the best devotional so far! So good. The language is coming along, but I obviously won't be able to learn much more before I leave considering I leave in 6 days.

We got our travel plans on friday! That was I think when it actually hit me what was going on, and that I'm going to Africa for 22 months. So crazy. We report to the travel office here at 8 am on Monday the 18th, and we drive up to Salt Lake to catch a 12:20 pm flight to Dallas. Then we have a one hour layover there and then we have a LONG flight to London! We get to London at 7 am London local time, and we have a 12 hour layover there. That will not be fun. But then at 7 pm we have another long flight to Johannesburg. We have a 3 hour layover there, and then we go to Maputo! We will land in Maputo at 10:50 Maputo local time on Wednesday the 20th. So it will definitelty be a long couple days! But I'm excited as well.

Dad, chances are you're at the airport that day, since you travel a lot. So maybe I'll see ya!

I wonder if I'll be serving in Maputo, or some jungle area.. It will definitely be an adventure! Speaking of adventure, you guys will be shocked when you find this out. So I guess I'll be leaving 2 suitcases behind full of stuff. This is because South African Airlines only excepts one checked suitcase of 44 pounds, and one carry one bag of 15 pounds. That is NOTHING. I won't have any weight to bring language books or anything. It makes me a little nervous knowing I'll only have 44 pounds of stuff for the next 2 years, but I'll have to buy some stuff there! Idk. It will definitley be a crazy experience!

I guess President Kretly gets to Mozambique on like July 1st or something. The week after we leave the MTC is when all the mission presidents come, and I guess there will be like 9 apostles here! I disappointed i'll miss that. That'd be so cool to be there for that.

Mom, no we don't have to speak portuguese all day, but our teaching pretty much only teach us in portuguese. But it's fine because I do understand what they say. But we do speak english with each other every once in awhile. But after next week we won't be. Our district was talking, and we don't even know if President Kretly speaks english. Haha he was born and raised in Brazil, so maybe not! That'd be crazy. But we'll see I guess. Our instrutors are super cool. Bro. Smith lives in Pleasant Grove and he served in Brazil. And Bro. Sorenson served in portugual. They are nice guys and have definitley taught us a lot. They're hilarious too.

Where do I find most of my happiness here at the MTC? that's a good question. We do find ways to have a lot of fun, even though we study hard. But to be honest, Gym is super enjoyable and it's nice to be able to relax. Haha but one thing the frustrates me most about learning is that I'm slower then everyone else. I've always struggled in a classroom setting, but once I get out there, I think I'll pick it up as I appply it. But we'll see.

I'm super excited for today. An elder in my district has to go to the dentist, and I have to go with him as his companion for the day, so we actually get to go out into the real world of provo! he got a root canal last week, so he needs to go back this week to follow up. That'll be fun to hit the city as missionaries!

Well I'm out of time, and I still have a ton to say. But I might be able to email saturday since we have another P day cause we're were leaving. Also, what number do you want me to call at the airport? Just the home phone? let me know. And question, is my debit card international? cause i have no idea.

Love you guys and I hope you guys have a good week!

-Elder Williams

P.S. Mom, the jeans are the bleach stained levis. Those are the most comfortable pair I have. And yes, I have my retainer :) Thanks though!