Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MTC Week 6 - May 29, 2012

What up! That's pretty messed up you guys are in San Diego right now... and you went to Phoenix. Did you guys hit up a d-backs game? That'd be sick. Haha but i'm kidding. It sounds like you guys have been having fun! Not everyone gets to spend their birthday at seaworld. So I hope Andrew enjoys it! Sounds like the wedding was good. They actually sent me a wedding invitation a few weeks ago, so i was excited to get that. That's sweet you talked to Kevin Peterson's mom! i actually ran into him last week and was able to talk to him for awhile. I'm so glad him and cory both figured things out. They were BOTH a mess a few years ago. So i acually had a really good week this past week! It started off last tuesday with an awesome devotional. (my boy) Ronald A. Rasband came and spoke to us. He's always been my favorite member of the seventy because he gives unbelievable talks in conference. And he didn't disappoint. He gave an awesome talk on the Spirit. I definitely glad he came. Then last Wednesday, I got to do trafficing! It was so fun. We got to help the new Elder's unpack their car and make sure everyone went in and out of the drop-off smoothly. And tomorrow we get to host! So that'll be fun. I know a couple people tomorrow so maybe I'll get to see them. Funny story actually, do you guys remember Levi Martinez? If anyone would remember, I bet it would be Mom. We were good friends at Sonoma Ranch and he was in the Windrift Ward i believe. I had some sleepovers with him and stuff, and he was my friend that was also one of the primary kids that were able to go on trek. Well anyway, I haven't seen him since the end of 6th grade and I ran into him at the MTC! It was crazy... But the other crazy part is, He is going to Mozambique as well! It was weird. They left yesterday, and probably won't get there til tomorrow. So now there are only 6 Elders in the MTC going to Mozambique. But I think we get a few more tomorrow. Pretty crazy right? I'm glad the kids liked the letters! I sent Andrew an additional birthday crad from our bookstore here, but i guess you won't be getting that for a few more days. The language is coming along... But too be honest, I'm the worst one in the district at Portuguese right now. It's kind of humbling I guess.... But hopefully I pick it up faster with a native companion! Hopefully anyway... Well other than that, nothing too exciting is going on here... I'm starting to go a little crazy being in here for 6 weeks with the food we have. I'll definitley be ready to leave by the time 9 weeks comes. But that's way tuesday's are nice, because after we go to temple, we like to eat in the temple cafeteria. I love it. It's BY FAR the best meal of the week. I didn't think i would, but I'm getting a little nervous about Africa. Probably because it's only 20 days aways. Weird isn't it? We were on lds.org and we were looking at Mozambique with the maps tool on the website. We found lots of huts and crazy stuff like that... It will definitley be interesting. I don't think I have any idea what's coming... Basketball is still sick! I've been playing with this Elder that will be playing for UCLA when he gets home. He's unreal. But i can definitely keep up with him! Although he's obviously still better then me. Oh and it's official, I can dunk a basketball! I'm convinced the rims here are a few inches shorter then 10 feet, but that's not what the guy in chrge of the gym said. I guess i'll take it! It was pretty cool. So i got a lot of Dearelder's and stuff from the family this past week! Oh wait nope. I got one and that it! I guess the Dearelder system was down or something... like for real. So maybe I'll just keep telling myself that, so i won't feel as bad. haha. Send one whenever you guys want! I love getting them. Well looks like my time is up... Have fun finishing up your trip in california! And Happy Birthday Andrew! Love you guys!   Love, Elder Williams   P.S. If you guys could maybe send me some crayola color pencils 18 pack "twistables." I'd really appreciate it. They make an awesome scripture marker. If not, it's fine. Thanks!