Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MTC Week 2 - May 1, 2012

Ola meu familia!
Its Tuesday and that means I get to send another email home! Thanks for the email you've sent me, it's good to hear about what's going on at home, even though I don't really think about it much. And keep sending through dearelder.com! We get those twice a day, and whoever sends me one will get an individual letter from me :) haha. But it's been another good week! It went by actually pretty fast. A lot faster than the first week. It's been an interesting week for our district though. We had two Elders go home on friday. They both had some things they needed to take care of. One of them was going to go to Mozambique, and the other to Angola. It was disappointing to see them go, but at the same time we know they're doing the right thing. The district does seem right though even with them gone. Those two Elders didn't really work very hard and had a bad attitude about everything. Plus those two also had very serious girlfriends back where they lived and one of them was even engaged. So the moral of the story is... don't get a girlfriend before your mission! It can get you into some trouble like it did with these two Elder's. But we continue to pray for these elders and hope everything works out good for them.
So last Tuesday was our first Tuesday night devotional. We had no idea who was gonna show up, because you never know until they walk in the room. Well, it turns out that it was Elder Russell M. Nelson! We were shocked when he walked in, and the Spirit was so strong when he walked in testifying that he truly is a seer and revelator for us today. I will never forget that feeling. He talked about the 9 aspects of true doctrine which are: The godhead, the plan of salvation, the Atonement, dispensations, prophets and revelation, priesthood and priesthood keys, ordinances and covenants, marriage and family, and commandments. Super cool talk, and I got a ton of notes. Hopefully more apostles will continue to come! 
It was cool to see you guys talked to Kyle after I had lunch with him! I was shocked to see him. But super pumped as well! He said you guys are doing some type of blog? Tight! You can edit some of this if you want, because I realize I have poor grammar and typing abilities. Also thanks for all the letters from everyone in the extended family: G-ma, G-pa, Kyle, Kyle, Paula, Jarrett, Tanner, Hunter, and Hannah. Those letters definitely made me smile!
As for class wise and everything, it was a good week! The portuguese is coming along, but its easy to get discouraged. Today, me and my district are actually doing an all portuguese day! No english. But it's actually a lot tougher then we expected. Haha... so we'll see if we can make it through the day. Last night we got a new investigator which is our teacher. His name is Italo. Elder Porter and I were able to go in and get to know him, ask him about his beliefs, invite him to read the Book of Mormon, and share our testimony's about it. We did all that without looking at any notes or books. So that shows how much of the language we're learning!
The food is getting old, but it's good every once in awhile! the unlimited chocolate milk and coke (caffeine free) definitely makes it better! Gym is also still sick, they opened up the field outside so me and my district have been playing soccer the past few days! We gotta get ready for Africa!
The worst part about the MTC, is that they get you so pumped to get out into the field! I just wanna get out to Mozambique so bad. But it seems like forever away. But it's alright, we'll continue to work hard and take advantage of the time we do have here.
You guys bought a Sequoia? That's sick! Send a picture of it!
Sorry i''m kinda running out of time. thanks for the packages! I love getting the treats! It wasn't peanut butter popcorn, but it was like kettle corn or something? Still good! Glad baseball and the play went good! I know everyone did awesome. Sad to hear about Sis Dayton. I'm glad I’ve gotten to know Bro Dayton better recently. Well I better go! I have so much more to say so maybe I'll send a letter too! Goodbye!

Elder Williams