Tuesday, April 24, 2012

MTC Week 1 - April 24, 2012


What's up family! So grateful for the letters you all sent me this past week. It means a lot, and it is super nice to get them, not gonna lie. Dear Elder is probably the best option, cause we get those twice a day, and I can only check my email on Tuesday's which is my P-day. And no, I didn't get those cookies you sent. But i guess it's the thought that counts? haha but if you'd like to send me some then i'd really appreciate it! I seem to get hungry right before dinner.

Ok, so MTC= UNREAL. I honestly love it so much. I kinda went into it not knowing what to expect, especially because people have been telling me that it's the worst. But Wednesday I had a good attitude, and that's continued. I've found that attitude is a big thing, there are some Elder's in my district that are really struggling. I think it's because they don't have a positive attitude. So hopefully they can start to feel good about this place and start working hard. Another thing that I've found out is that if you are always diligent, then you won't find yourself thinking about home, friends, outside world, etc. And i"ve been pretty good at that. I've done good at not wasting time, because one thing they really stress here is that not only are you wasting your time and your companions time, but you are also wasting the Lord's time. And thats not happening.

My district is pretty cool. We all get along fairly well, except there is one companionship that isn't very diligent so we try to be examples to them. Hopefully it works out. My companion is really cool as well. It's amazing how well you can get to know someone after spending every moment with the for 6 days. We don't have very much in common i guess, but we get along really well and we're becoming good friends. Our goal this week is to be 100% obedient and be at everyplace that we need to be, on time every time. And to not bend the rules even a little bit. So i'm grateful for a companion that wants to do that with me. 

So yep I did run into Elder Wilkes! I've seen him quite a bit and after the fireside on Sunday we were able to catch up and talk for a while during the Joseph Smith movie. (We did feel bad for talking, but we had to catch up, and everyone was talking. It won't happen again). His mom also sent me a package! She sent brownies, cookies, and all sorts of stuff. Too bad my family didn't send me a package. haha kidding. I'll probably get the cookies soon?
The language is getting better everyday. They tell us to focus on the doctrine, and then the language will come. And I can already see that happening. Yesterday, while teaching an investigator, I was able to look him in the eyes and share my testimony with him. All in Portuguese! So crazy. i didn't have to look at any notes or books or anything. So that was cool, and gave me a lot of confidence in the language. We're also able to pray in Portuguese, but there are still some things we have to say in English in our prayers. Plus, I am able to understand what people are saying in Portuguese just by listening to them. I never thought I'd learn this much, this fast. But it's so sweet.
The fireside here on Sunday was super cool as well! Stephan B. Allen came and spoke and talked about our purpose and why we are here. There was great music as well. Music is a big part of feeling the Spirit here. It's pretty cool.

Sounds like everything at home is going good! Andrew better keep doing work at ball, and I hope Nick does good in his play! You'll have to give Morgan a hug for me!

I'm still trying to figure out how to do pictures on the computer, so hopefully I can figure that out soon. Mom, did you get the mailing box address in the letter i sent? i hope. Well looks like I'm out of time. We're going to the Temple now :). 

Talk to ya soon!

Elder Williams