Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21, 2012



     What's up!  Sorry I have bad handwriting, and not a not of time to write so sorry if this is kinda difficult to read. But our Branch President made us promise to write our family tonight, so this is just keeping all of the mission rules. 
     So it's been a crazy past couple of days! So when we got here, we went in to get our name tags and picture taken.  That was a cool thing to be able to put that missionary tag on that says "ELDER WILLIAMS". But it still hard to believe I'm a missionary.  So after the pictures, I went to my classroom to meet my companion and district.  Our teacher served in Brazil and didn't spam any English to us the first day.  It was crazy.  My companion is ELDER PORTER from Preston, Idaho.  He's a short guy, and a wrestler so I guess I can kinda relate to him because we both like sports.  But he's obsessed with farming, so that's something we don't have in common.  There are 8 missionaries in my district: me, Elder Porter, Elder Montgomery (from Gilbert, AZ), Elder Castleton, Elder Smith (Alaska), Elder Lake, Elder Merkley, and Elder Bigelow.  Elder Merkley, Castleton, and Montgomery are going to Angola and the other five of us are going to Mozambique. 
     So last night at my first meal here, I'm eating with my companion and up walks Elder Shane Sorenson! It was good to be able to see and talk to him.  Then later in the meal up runs Elder Cade Wilkes!! So glad to see him.  We have each other a huge hug and talked for about 15 minutes.  Seeing him really helped settle me down and make me feel a lot better.  I didn't see him today, so hopefully I'll get a chance to see him again while we're both here.  
     Today, was awesome. It's amazing how much portuguese you can learn while sitting in a classroom for 5 hours.  Tomorrow me and Elder Porter are giving a 40 minute lesson, all in Portuguese.  So it should be interesting… But tonight we were able to say part of our prayers in Portuguese! So that's pretty cool.  It's coming along for sure! 
     You'll have to tell Brittany and Tiffany that Elder Archuleta sang here on Sunday night, I guess it was really good.  I bet they'll like hearing about that. 
     So gym here is a joke. I've never been closer to being Michael Jordan in my life.  And people think I'm pretty much an Olympic volleyball player. That's how un-athletic people are here.  Haha!
     But in all seriousness I really do love it here! We've grown so much as missionaries just in a day and half and I can't wait to get better everyday.  The spirit here is UNREAL. And I'm having a lot of fun as well.  The Elders in my district are awesome.  Well, I better say goodnight, my preparation day is Tuesday, so expect an email or something.  If your lucky, you'll get a few pictures.  ;-)

Much Love, 

Elder Williams

PS. Mom, the people said I didn't need another shot because I got the one that was Hepatitis A and B combined. Are they wrong?   Let me know… thx.