Monday, October 21, 2013

Matola - Week 79

Hello Family, I have so much to say this week, that I don't even know where to start!
We've had a crazy 2 weeks, our past 2 weeks have been full of blessings, headaches, trips, splits, disapointments, miracles, and probably just about anything else you could think of.
Two weeks ago, we did a division with the AP's. That was a good experience, as I worked in Maputo for the first time since my very first day in the country when I walked with the AP's. Maputo is FULL of people. Street contacting is unbelievably easy, and a lot more people are home during the day. Most of the people in Matola, work in Maputo and traffic getting home is usually pretty bad. But everyone who lives in Maputo, also works there! So it is easy to find a time when the whole family is home. The area in which we worked was a pretty poor area, so the people were very humble. It was a good experience, and I liked my 24 hours of working in Maputo. We had an interesting first lesson with a family... Instead of inviting them to be baptized and closing with a prayer, we went to the police station to arrest the head of the house! He had found a brand new Samsung Galaxy, and refused to try to find the owner. We needed to do something, because a brand new Samsung Galaxy is worth more than a yearly salary of the people where we were working. So the police took him to jail, and the owner got their phone back. It was a pretty crazy experience.
Many miracles happened as well, I will share one with you. So last week, we went to go open up a marriage process of Horacio and Berta. In Maputo, it only costs 350 Meticals ($11/USD) to open a marrige process, and Matola it costs 750  Meticals ($25/USD).  About 4 days earlier, during the split in the city, we had treat Berta's birth certificate at the register. It usually takes a while to pick up a document after treating it, but we exercised our faith, and took Horacio and Berta into the city to try to pick up the document, and open up the process at the same time. As I was standing in line, there were people complaining about how their documents weren't ready. People who had come in weeks before we did. But when it was my turn to turn the receipt in, the document was ready in just 4 days! It was a miracle because usually it takes weeks. There process was opened this morning, and we had the chance to go with them to do so. 
They are a very interesting family. We have been teaching them for probably a month now, and they have been through everything. Every problem that a family could have, they've had over the past few weeks. But about a week and a half ago, they decided to get serious with family scripture study. And it changed everything. They are happier, more united, and super excited to recieve a remission of their sins. Because it takes 20 days to get married, they will be getting baptized on Novembar 9th. They have become so strong in such a short period of time. They have quite the age difference as well! He is 29, and she is 44. But as long as they do scripture study, they won't have problems!
Other things that happened this week is we did splits with the district leaders in the zone. It was a good experience, as I was able to show our area on both occasions. We were able to find a few things out as well because of the splits that we did. The zone is running into the same universal problem... obedience. A lot of elders are struggling working all the hours of the day, and going to bed on time. These are little things that should not be a problem. Elder Brandao also said that there were Elders that were listening to music that wasn't appropriate for missionaries. The worst part is, when they are told or corrected, they make us look like the bad guy.
I am trying to do my best to be a servent of Jesus Christ and to do what he expects of me. One thing that I have learned is that miracles don't happen until we are obedient! But the Lord is always willing to bless us. Even though we are having a few problems with obedience in 2 houses, the Lord is still pouring blessing upon us! So i can't even imagine what's gonna happen once everyone is 100% obedient!
This weekend and the next. We are going to have a pretty good size baptism here in Matola. 5 complete families will be getting baptized with a few teenagers. We will be baptizing Ivan, who is a 20 year kid who has changed a lot, a family who is already married, Faustino and Sonia, and two sisters named Sandra and Vania. And then, will come the baptism of Horacio and Berta! So we are seeing lot's a progress still in the zone. Yesterday, there were 23 complete investigator families at church in the zone! So that is a miracle. Me and Elder Brandao are doing our best to help other Elders find and teach as well, because 7 of those families were just from our area. The other 16 families were divided between 9 other companionships.
So it's a work in progress, but the Lord is in charge! The Lord is blessing us as well through these hard document processes. And another family that I found and taught in Beira, was baptized! Andre and Philomena. Such a blessing. They changed a lot.
I am so grateful for this Gospel, and I know the Lord is in charge. His hand is working with us each and every day. I love you all!

Elder Williams
ps. sorry I was in a hurry, I'll write next week real good!