Monday, December 30, 2013

Matola - Week 89

Well this week was a blessing. Finally were able to see Hxxxx and Fxxxx in the waters of baptism. It was a miracle. They have been through so much as they have prepared to get married and baptized behind their families backs. As missionaries, we help people develop faith in Jesus Christ. But in my whole life, I don't know if I have met a couple that has more faith in Jesus Christ than they do. It is a complete honor just to know them, and it was humbling to play a part in their conversion. The baptismal service was beautiful, and they are happy! We will see what kind of callings our Branch President will give them over the next few weeks. I am excited for that.
That was the big exciting news of the week. The other excited news is that my companion is here! Elder Walker landed in Mozambique on Saturday afternoon. He was actually brought to the Matola chapel at the end of the baptismal service and had the chance to meet Helder and Fatima. It was interesting to see him, minutes after landing. He was in culture shock for sure, but he has already grown a deep love for the people, and he has the eagerness to serve.
He was doing a good job adjusting to the time difference until about yesterday afternoon when his jetlag kicked in. I felt super bad for him. But he is hanging in there, and doing great! He seems happy as well, which is really important. 
His first full day in the country, he had a very crazy experience! It had become something so normal to me, so I was grateful that he was there to help me recongnize the experience we were having. This is what happened... We woke up early Sunday morning to go pick up some investigators. It had rained all night, and it was coming down hard. I don't have an umbrella, and Elder Walker's umbrella was in his luggage that didn't exactly arrive in Mozambique yet. We also have yet to buy rain roots. We left the house at about 6:30 am, knowing we were going to get soaked. We walked 40 minutes to our investigators house. Puddles were everywhere, so our journey consisted of us jumping puddles, scaling walls, and walking in lots of water.. Our shirts were got a little dirty, and there was not a dry spot on my body by the time we got to the investigators house. Our investigators thought we were crazy! But they got ready, and joined us in our journey for another 40 minutes to the church. The path to the church included a very full chapa ride, (Elder Walker's first.) That was quite the experience for him. We all got to church soaked! I laughed as I explained to Elder Walker that we need to do EVERYTHING to get our investigators to come to church. Gxxxx and Jxxxx showed a lot of faith as they were willing to go to church in that weather. Our investigators really are learning the importance of following Jesus Christ.
Zone Conference and the Christmas party went well, I had the chance to direct zone conference again since it was here in Matola. President Kretly inspired me once again. I always learn so much from him.
The Christmas party was a little weird as we sat around and talked at the mission office. I'm not used to sitting around like that... it was kind of weird. 
We are excited to work this week, and we know the Lord will bless us. I pray that everyone will have a happy new year! I pray that we will use this next year to become more like our Savior. That is what the Lord expects of us. Have a good week!
Elder Williams