Monday, January 20, 2014

Maputo - Week 92 (Call to be an Assistant to President Kretly)

This week was a very interesting week. And a very good way to end my time here in Matola.
  "Canned beans?"
Elder Walker and I were very excited going into the week. We are teaching many families that are progressing, and we were excited to help these families progress even more and help them get involved in the branch. That is exactly what happened. We taught a lot of lessons this week with members present. And over 66 in the zone! We have focues so much on this over the past few weeks. We know that the frequency is directly related to how we worked with the members throughout the week. If we work through the week with the members, they are more excited, and they help our investigators feel more comfortable at church. It has been a real blessing. 
Gxxx and Jxxxx, are doing well! Her parents said that Gxxx and marry her as long as he pays "lobolo" by the end of this year. Their baptismal date is marked for the 15 of February. The same day as Fxxxx and Vxxxxx, who are also progressing very well and showing lots of faith.
We also sat with lots of new families this week! One of them is Fxxxxx and Lxxxxx is are possibly the most humble people that I've ever met. They came to church the first week, and they will progress so fast. The Lord has definitely prepared them. They really are amazing. 
Elder Williams & Elder Walker in Matola
Another family is Cxxxx and Mxxxx... They are unbelivable wealthy. They have multiple cars and their house in unreal. They are very intelligent people, and could help the church out a lot. They are catholics, but aren't super strong. We taught them the restoration, and they accepted a baptismal invite on the condition of knowing if the Book of Mormon was true. It was a vary good lesson. The next lesson, we took Sxxxxx and Gxxxxx over there which is a pretty well off couple from the church who could kind of relate to them. It turns out, that when we showed up at Cxxxxx house, they already knew each other! They work with each other with their businesses. So the second lessons was very good as well! For some reason, we decided to teach baptism and confirmation. It was very good and I think this family will progress since they already have friends in the church. Sxxxxx and Gxxxxx will pass by there every once and a while to read with them. So that will help out a lot.
Me and Elder Santos were busy this week with divisions as well. I walked with Elder Barroso, and Elder Santos walked with Elder Bigelow. We were able to have a meeting with the district leaders this week in anticipation for the next transfer as well. As a zone, we had a very succesful transfer. Next transfers should be even better in this zone. 
Another excited thing that happened this week is a training the President Kretly gave to all mission leaders. He talked about the 7 habits of highly effective people. If there is anyone to give that training, it's him. He is without a doubt the most effective person I know. I have learned so much from him, and hope to learn more. 
Another highlight of the week, was the random transfer that happened one week early. Because of zone conferecences next week, President decided to do transfers one week early to avoid transportion problems. So today is a transfer day! He came to our house last night to get to know Elder Walker and to talk a little bit about transfers. He surprized me by telling my that I would be getting transfered today. After six transfers in Matola, I will be leaving today at 5 oclock. I have lots of good memories in Matola, and it will be an area that I will never forget. 
Elder Greenman & Elder Williams (AP's in the Matola 2 Branch) 
My new companion will be Elder Greenman. We will be serving together as president's assistants. I like Elder Greenman a lot and I'm excited to serve with him. Below is a picture of us together on our split. We will serving in the branch of Maputo 2. I have now served in Manga 2, Beira 2, Matola 2, and Maputo 2! Everything 2. I'm excited for the chance to serve and this should be an interesting week.
I love you all a lot! have a good week! Sorry, I'm out of time. 

Elder Williams