Monday, August 6, 2012

Quelimane - Week 16

Dear Family, 
I really loved the emails this week. Sounds like a lot of fun stuff is going on back home and that everyone is super busy! But that's good. First of all, that's super crazy that you talked with Elder Peterson. I'm in his last area right now! I took over all his former investigators. But that will be really cool to be able to talk to him. You'll have to tell him that we are doing some great things in this area and we have probably about ten investigators with baptismal dates. And that number will grow this week as we're planning on taking that next step with a few other investigators. So I'm super excited for that! I've heard all about Elder Petersen from the Elders in the house. He left like a few days before I showed up here in Quelimane. Sounds like he was a great missionary! 
That's good that Elder Osborn is sending you pictures! Someone's gotta do it... haha. But I think one of them is with Cornelio and Gil. Cornelio is in the white shirt in that picture. That is who we've been teaching for awhile, and things are going well with him. Maybe tell Elder Petersen that Cornelio will be finishing up the Book of Mormon here in like two weeks. He's such a stud. And where those pictures are at, is where we have church. It's just a really small chapel thing right now, but that's because Quelimane is the newest area in the mission. So hopefully we'll be able to get the ball rolling here and get some more strong families. 
Dad, that's so cool that you were able to run into your mission president. That's so amazing. I bet that was a cool experience for you. We've talked about your mission before, but I wish I would've asked you more about it and some of the experiences you had. But missions really do change lives. It's amazing how our testimony grows when we are constantly worrying about how we can help others peoples testimonies grow. It's pretty amazing.
Life here in Quelimane is still amazing! I made it through my first transfer, and our house stayed the same for the most part. We lost Elder Tanner, but we gained another Elder that I knew from the mtc. So I'm excited for things that are going on here. The people are so nice. I've never seen anything like it. Haha it's so weird. I think I got used to being the minority now. And I think now I'm used to not seeing white people. I'll see an occasional one around the city and it's so weird! Haha.
The language is coming along, and I can pretty much understand most of whats being said. I just need to better conjugate my verbs. But it's definitely getting better everyday. It's easy to improve when forty-four lessons are being taough a week. Cause I improve a little bit each lesson. But the people here are so nice, and are SO READY for the gospel. It's amazing to teach some and then have them start crying because this is what they've waited for in their lives. And it really does happen. I'm so blessed to be among these amazing people. And I love serving them. I miss everyone at home, but I would not want to leave this people either. I would not mind staying in Quelimane my whole misson. Haha but that's obviously not gonna happen.
I get along with Elder Workman, my companion very well. His mtc group has already gone home, but he wanted an extension. He'll go home after this transfer. He's definitely making the most out of the time he has left. I'm glad I got the trainer I did. He knows his time is coming to an end, so he makes the most of it. It's amzing to see how much time missionaries really waste. It's sad. But me and Elder Workman are getting results because we are working hard. And God is helping us because we're doing our part. That's so important with missionary work.
Also, I got Dear Elders this week from Nana and Pops and some friends back home.
Nana and Pops, I love getting those and they really do encourage me a lot. Thanks for everything you do for me! I love you!
But mom and dad, maybe if you could put this email address up on my blog, that would be apprecited. No one gets hand-written letters here. And I'd love to hear from my friends back home through email. Even though I might not have time to respond... But that would be greatly apprecitated!
Well I better go, But I want all you to know that I'm happy! I love doing his even though it is exhausting every single day. Don't worry about me over here :) I'm fine, and working hard. Love you all!
-Elder Williams
ps. The church is true.