Monday, December 3, 2012

Manga - Week 32

Dear Family, 

Well, another week just flew by. I can't believe how fast time flys and that the month of december and christmas time has already come. Sounds like everything back home is going well, and things here in Manga are going well as well!
We recieved transfer slides this week, and me and Elder Fontes will be staying together for another transfer! So that's good. I'm glad we'll have another transfer together, and I think we'll see some real progress that we've been working for over the past few weeks.
An interesting story happened yesterday during church... so every Sunday at 8 am we have branch presidency meeting. It's usually an ideal time to have the meeting, and usually everyone always shows up. But when me and Elder Fontes showed up at 8 am yesterday, nobody was there. So we waited a little bit... 8:30 passed. Still the branch president and first conselor didn't show up. 8:50... still no one. Church starts at 9! So at this point I got nervous because yesterday was President Mounga's week to prepare the sacrament meeting. because it was his turn to dircet. He needed to prepare Prayers, songs, talks, etc. So left left me with 5 minutes to prepare the meeting. I assigned prayers, chose hymns and prepared to conduct the meeting. Then, at 9 o'clock, I started the meeting. Without the bresident and without the first conselor. They straight up didn't show up. So frustrating. President showed up halfway through the meeting, and the first conselor didn't show up at all. Things like this cannot happen. A lot of things need to change if we really want a change in this branch and in this area. Completely unacceptable. And it doesn't help that right after church, the president goes straight home. It puts a lot of pressure on me and the executive secritary. So hopefully things will change.
Other than that, I don't really have any new news! Besides the fact the now I am the only english speaker in my house. I'm really excited as I get to improve in the language even more than I already have. So that will be really nice!
I enjoyed my scripture study this week as I did an in depth study of Jacob chapter 5. I never really like Jacob chapter 5 very much, but now I love it! And I understand it as well! As I diligently stufy the scriptures I have expanded my capacity to understand those deep chapters that are difficult to understand. I really have grown a love for the scriptures as I diligently study them daily.
Today should be a fun activity! We are going to the beach here in Beira with some Elders here in Beira. We're gonna have lunch and play some frisbee! I love frisbee. It'll be just like when me and Nicholas used to play frisbee every single day on Manly Beach in Australia. Those were good times!
Dad, obviously I still have that little bag that you gave me. It's with me right this very moment! It's quite handy and is the perfect size. Fits perfectly in my pocket! Thanks so much!
Mom, congrats on playing the organ in church! That's awesome! I know you did awesome :) You'll have to teach me when I get home!
This week we're going to have a sweet christmas party here in Beira! I'm not really sure about all the details, but I'm pretty sure it will be with all the missionaries in the Beira area, and President Kretly. I'm excited to see President Kretly and learn more for him. I really have learned so much from him in such little. We as a mission really are lucky. I have no doubts that he was called of God to be the mission president here during this time. So I'll let you know how the party goes! I think it's this Saturday, but we'll see.
So I really don't have much more to say. I'm trying to use most of my internet time trying to figure out how to send pictures. Ireally struggle with computers and technology. Not my strong point... But I think I'll be able to figure it out.
Well I hope you all have a good week! I hope clear creek will be good and everything at home! Have a good week!

-Elder Williams
ps. I don't know if you've already sent a package, but sister hall gave me this Beira address: 
A Igreja De Jesus Cristo Dos Santos Dos Ultimos Dias
Elder Williams
Caixa Postal NR. 1396, Beira, Sofala,
Mozambique 0000