Monday, November 26, 2012

Manga - Week 31

Hello family!
I hope thanksgiving was good back home! I had a really nice thanksgiving feast here in Africa! Oh wait... nope I didn't. But I still had a good thanksgiving! Sounds like thanksgiving at the Anderson's was fun! 
We had a crazy week. Lots of good things happened! But as well, we had some disappointments. We had two investigators baptized on Saturday, Luis and Nobre. So that was exciting! I had the opprotunity to conduct the baptismal service, so that was a good chance as well!
Speaking of conducting, yesterday, I conducted sacrament meeting for the first time. I thought I would be nervous, but I wasn't! So the was good. I know I'll feel more comfortable with time too, as I have more experience conducting. Me being the second counselor in the Manga 2 branch presidency, I will have plenty of opprotunity's to conduct many more meetings.
This past week we didn't have very much success finding new investigators... We do plenty of street contacts during the week, but it's difficult because we call those people to set up a time to meet, and they don't show up. That happened a lot this past week. But President Kretly teaches that when a situation like that happens, we need to be proactive. Which means we can't feel depressed but we need to just move on, and find others. So me and Elder Fontes are trying better to apply being more proactive.
If only you guys saw how much it rained last night. It rained like I have never seen it rain before! I honestly got scared. The power was out, but we had non-stop light because of lightning. Like dead serious. Within like 20 minutes of the rain, our apartment was flooded! It was coming through our kitchen door pretty fast! It was like 10:00 last night and we were all scrambling trying to sweep water out of our apartment, and stop water from coming in. It was crazy! But quite an adventure as well! It's still actually raining right now. It was difficult to get into the city, and right now, I'm soaking wet! 
When the power goes out, it makes it very difficult to sleep... we have an air conditioner in our room, but when the power goes out, words can't describe how hot it get. And you get eaten alive by mosquitoes. Even with the nets. The power went out twice this week, so that's two bad night's sleeps this past week. Haha. But it all good. And when the power goes out, no water as well.
Me and Elder Fontes are priesthood blessing like crazy. It's super nice! I didn't give very many in Quelimane, but here we've had members and even some investigators ask for them. The Spirit is so strong when we give these blessings, and it really helps the person's faith grow as they build a testimony on the power of the priesthood. I'm so grateful for these opprotunities and hope that The Lord will continue to give us these chances.
That's good you guys are sending a package! I don't know how it will work... but we'll see. I talked to Sister Hall yesterday, and she said that today she will give me a good address that you guys can send a package to. So I'll let you know that next week when I get it. What did you put in the package?
Before I forget I wanted to ask a question... Do you guys still have my mission call? Or did we lose it? I want to keep the letter forever, so if you guys could look around for it, I would be grateful!
Too answer mom's questions... The house we live in is fairly nice! I think it is a bit nicer than the Quelimane house, so that's nice. But it's absolutely nothing compared to your house! Haha.
I actually eat pretty well, we have an Elder in the house the loves to cook, and he cooks super good. So we cooks for everyone in the house every single day. It's super nice! But maybe it's not good because I'm not really learning how to cook... oh well.
The other Elders in the house are nice. A missionary house is not exactly what I expected... I really am trying to be an example on the way we should act to always have the Spirit with us.
Well, my time is up! We are going to go play soccer, so that should be fun! But maybe we won't because of the rain... I'm not sure. But I hope you all have a good week! Love you all!

-Elder Williams