Monday, November 19, 2012

Manga - Week 30

Wow, another week goes by. I feel like I'm at this internet cafe all the time, even though it really is only once a week! It's crazy how fast the weeks are.
First of all, I wanted to apologize to you all about my letters. I know I don't answer nearly enough questions that you all ask. So I'm sorry. Haha I'll try to get better and answer all the questions that you all ask me.
This week was another good week as usual!
I would say nothing exciting happened, but that would be a lie, because exciting things always happen! We are anxiously engaged in finding, and teaching right now. So we stay pretty busy. It's been good to see how new families we've found over the past few weeks, have started to make and keep commitments such as reading the Book of Mormon, and praying. These families really do see and feel a difference when they read and pray together. It really is amazing!
We found this amazing man Ugenio this past week, we contacted him right in front of his house and he was extremely interested so we marked a time to visit him and his family. We actually ended up return that night, and me and Elder Fontes taught them about our purpose and the Restoration. They were really interested, so we marked to come back two days later. That night, (Thursday) we ended up focusing a lot on the Book of Mormon. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I've been a part of on my mission. Towards the end of the lesson, we said he had a question for us. He said, he drinks and smokes every once and a while, and wants to change. He wants to do what's right and wants God to be happy with him. Words cannot explain the way in which he spoke. he spoke from the heart, in the most humbling way I have ever heard a man speak. I could feel the desires of this man's heart. All he wanted to do, was follow God. The spirit was unbelievably powerful as Elder Fontes and I bore testimony that God loves him and that the things we shared with him were true. They could not deny the Spirit that was there.
Another powerful lesson we had this week was with a man named Paulo. He's a young guy that has a wife and 2 young sons. We've had a good feeling about this man, and I know he's felt the Spirit in past lessons. As we sat with him, we were following up on the commitments we had left with him. We invited him to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. As we asked him how the reading and prayer went, we were surprized with his response... After a few moments of silence, he said, "it was very emotional." As tears filled his eyes, we knew that he had received an answer the the Book of Mormon is true. We testified right then the it was the Holy Ghost testifying that the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith was called of God.
Very powerful lesson. Now we will work on the other people who live with him. Brothers, sisters, and their families to sit with us as well, who quite frankly think it's all a big joke. But clearly it is true, because Paulo received an answer from God. 
Thinking about these stories and experiences I had this week, really made me think. They sound like stories you'd hear from all sorts of missionaries. Because these things really happen. People are looking for the truth, and finding it through Christ's true church here on the earth. Everyday, God is answering prayers and helping these people find the right path. It's just humbling that God trusts me to play just a big role in helping these people. I will never forget the experiences I've had.
Dad, In this moment, I want to apologize for not helping you as much with like work and stuff around the house. Plenty of times you woke me up early on Saturday mornings, and I didn't want to help, or didn't help at all. SORRY! I honestly feel super bad. When I get home, I'm definitely gonna help a lot more. And continue to make Nick help you. And the small babe.
Sounds like things back home are going good! I hope Nick had a good birthday! 15 already? It really is crazy.
And dad thank you for those comments about my patriarchal blessing. I honestly think about that line all the time. And I had never thought that maybe that time had already passed. But I don't know... I really do have amazing friends! That's good you got to talk to Joe and President Wilkes. I can't believe Jason has been out a whole year! Time is going by way to fast.
Well, packages? I have a feeling it wont happen. Cause I have no idea about my address or anything. But to answer your question about where we live. We live on Passagem De Nivel. But our area is on the other side of the freeway, even past the Manga 2 church. We walk over the freeway everyday, and it it beautiful! Our area is after the freeway, until about the airport. A little past. So you guys can look up the street I walk everyday.
Well I hope you all have a good week! Have a good thanksgiving! Love you all!

-Elder Williams