Monday, November 5, 2012

Manga - Week 28

Crazy week here in Manga! But a good week as well. I'm finally starting to get used to the new rountine in my new area. Me and Elder Fontes did have a successful week this past week. I've really wanted to focus on finding this past week. We have a lack of investigators, so me and Elder Fontes wanted to change that.
We were successful in street contacting, and then calling those people, as well as occasional finding in houses as well. We ended up with 16 new investigators this past week. Those are people that we sat with, and marked return visits. So that's promising! That is an extremely high amount of new investigators in one week. When we do as much contacting as we do, we really do have a consistent stream of potential investigators. It's really exciting!
It was nice to play basketball with some of the guys last week! I haven't played since the mtc, so obviously I was a little rusty. But it was still a lot of fun! It was also good to get to know some of the Elder's that I haven't yet got to know.
Last P-day, we were all cleaning the house, and me and another Elder went outside to take out the trash. The sadest thing happened. I guess the kids that live around us, just LOVE missionary garbage. When we threw the 2 bags in the dump pile, 3 or 4 children were literally fighting and tripping to get to our trash first. I watched them as they ripped open the bags, and searched threw it like a kid looks through his stocking on Christmas morning. Honestly. I was completely blown away. It was an eye opener to me, that we really do need to be grateful for what we have. 
I get along with all the Elders in the house pretty well. I've kinda turned into a peace maker, cause I don't want to cause tension in the house. There are some Elders like like tension. It makes no sense to me... But I have respect for everyone in the house and everyone has respect for me. So I plan on keeping it that way! 
The church building here in Manga is a lot nicer than the one in Quelimane. Manga has two bulidings, one is expectionally nice, with a baptismal font inside and everything. But we are in a warehouse. It's still pretty nice, and it has a bishops house and a few classrooms. The Branch President is a cool guy. He's a about 30 or 35 or so. He actually served a mission in Maputo! It's funny, he reminds me exactly of Akon. Looks just like him! I'm excited to get to know him better and work with him more in the branch, with my new responsibiltys in the branch.
Sounds like everything back home is going good! Glad Halloween was good and everyone had a good time! And sound like the weather is PERFECT!
The weather here is actually pretty nice as well! It's a lot hotter in Quelimane, but it's a lot cooler here so that's nice. But I know it will get hotter over the next few months.
So right now I'm emailing from Beira. It takes us about an hour to get here from Manga. We get here by the means of Chapa's. Which are small vans that is pretty much the means of transportation here in Mozambique. Quelimane is the only city the doesn't use them really. And you would be amazed at how many people they cram into these vans. Honestly like 20 people, sometimes more. Thre is no way that these Chapa's are bigger than our car at home. It really is an art how the fit that many people in. Haha! But it's a cheap form of transportation, so that's nice.
The mangos definitely do not get old. We are now at the point where we are not paying for mangoes. The member love to give them to us! People gives us plastic bag fulls everyday, It's crazy. After we come hhome and do weekly planning, we like to spend a few minutes and eat all the mangoes we have. I love them.
Well, looks like I better go. Time to go to our shopping! But I hope you all have a good week! I'm happy here in Manga, even though the work really is stressful. It's amazing to see people change there lives for the gospel, and in the process, my life is changing as well. I love this work, this gospel, and our Savior.
Have a good week!

Love, Elder Williams

ps. Nick- Seriously? Beades is no longer on Sportsnation?? What happened? But it's all good, I love Charissa Thompson as well. :) haha