Monday, October 29, 2012

Manga - Week 27

This week has been one crazy week, full of change. Maybe a little too much change. It was so hard for me to leave Quelimane. I didnt think it would be too hard until the night before, it actually hit me. We were doing weekly planning for the last time in the area, and I just broke down. Flipping through the pages and names of people that I had found, taught, and helped progress over the past few months. It really was so hard for me to leave. I can not wait for the day when I can go back and visit the amazing city of Quelimane again. Quelimane will forever have a place in my heart. I genuinly love those people there.
But I am now starting a new chapter here in Manga. Manga is portuguese for Mango. You would not believe how many mango trees are here in Manga. Honestly, there are as many manga trees as there are people. And over the next few weeks all of them will be getting ripe. There are already plenty that are ripe right now, and they are SO GOOD! they honestly cost nothing because there are so many of them. So I pretty much just down Mangos all day. It super nice.
I was completely shocked when I arrived in my new area. The area covers a large area, but we have like 6 investigators. There is a lack of work here. So I hope that things will change. This next week, we will be doing plently of finding new families. That is what we need right now. There is no excuse why we should have a limited amount of investigators.
Elder Fontes is a cool guy, and has a strong desire to be a exceptional missionary. He is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and speaks as much english as I speak Chinese. In other words, he doesn't know one word of english. Haha but he is a good Elder, although hasn't been taught very much until he arrived in the country.  So I hope to help him develop these habits with me. I thankful for the opportunity that I have to help him develop as a missionary, and I know that I will learn things from him as well.
Sounds like things back home are going good! I love hearing about whats going on at home. But I continue to stay focused on the work here. Let me know where those guys will be called this week! Our ward is having a lot of missionaries! So thats super cool.
I'm having a lot of opprotunity to speak portuguese at this point in my mission as well. In Quelimane, i lived with mostly americans, so it we always spoke english. But right now, I live with a brazilian, 2 cape verdians, and one from Portugal. So only portuguese is being spoken in the house. But its super nice to expand my vocabulary!
I'm still unsure about packages being sent here to Beira, but Im still finding out. Hopefully everything will work out and ill get a package! That would be nice to have for Christmas.
Well, I dont have much time today. sorry about that. It took a long time to get here into the city, and now we are going to go play BASKETBALL! dead serious. A bunch of Elders are getting together and we need to be there at a certain time. And because we got here a little late, we dont have much time to email. But I am excited! First time playing since I left the MTC.
So I need to go. But good news is, computers here are way nicer, so I can send pictures home! But only 5 at a time and I have plently to send home. So I will start that next week. I hope you all have a good week! I'm happy here, and working hard!

Love, Elder Williams

"Leaving the church during a trail of faith, is like leaving a storm cellar during a tornado." -Elder Neil L. Andersen. I love quotes!