Monday, October 8, 2012

Quelimane - Week 24

Bom Dia! 

I hope you all had a good week back home with conference and everything. Conference was amazing. We actually got to watch one session live! Saturday morning session. It was night time here, so that was a little weird. But the Osborn's invited us over and we all were there for the big announcments. I can't believe it! 18 year old missionaries, and 19 year old girls? The work is going to progress so much more now. It'll be interesting as we see 18 year olds showing up in this mission over the coming months and year or so. But yes, I too feel bad for Natedog. Haha but oh well. I know that this is now the time when it needs to be put into action.

I loved the talks from that morning. Quentin L. Cook, Ann Dibb, and Russell M. Nelson. One quote that I wrote from Elder Cook is, "Men will be responsible after this life for every tear their wives shed." I had never really thought about that before. But a super good quote!

And I loved Sister Dibb's, "I'm a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I love it." That really is the attitude that we all need to have. And Elder Nelson's, "Ask the missionaries!" talk. It was funny because when he said that missionaries can even help you with family history, I got a little nervous and I hope no one asks me about that. Haha because I don't know much about it! But what a great session it was. I woke up saturday morning, unbelievably excited. It felt like I was going to Disneyland. We don't realize how cool General Conference really is. So I realized I have a new obsession: Conference! We're watching another session tonight at the Osborn's. I honestly can't wait.

We also got to see Sunday Morning's live as well. In portuguese. But we had to leave halfway through President Packer's talk because we had a lesson at 19:00. That's too bad because I heard Elder Holland's talk was unbelievable. So hopefully I'll get to watch it on tape within a few weeks or something.

Dad, I love the journal entries. I have a few pages in my journal the sound just like that! But I love the advice, and I've learned that to love someone, I need to serve them. So with Elder Andrade, I look for little acts of service. Whether it's his dishes, shining his shoes while he's in the shower, make his bed, etc.  I know that its up to me and I will work hard to make everything work okay. 

Our investigators are progressing nicely. Yes, we're still teaching Cornelio. His testimony is unbelievable. He's beginning to invite friends, and teach people where he lives the gospel. I wish you guys could meet some of these people. Unbelievable.

We have plently of progressing investigators, but one thing is that it's hard for us to get some to come to church recently. We call to remind, we go by their houses, but they still sometimes don't come. It's really hard. But that's why we need to find those people who are willing. I just really struggle dropping people. That's my biggest struggle right now. It's just so hard to know for certain when is the right time. That is why prayer is so important.

We should have an investigator getting baptized this week, but we'll see. He has had a rough past, and I've been praying for discernment on when is the right time, and if he truely is ready. After a few months, I genuine feel that he needs to be baptized at this time. I really have been extrememly cautious to know for certain. His name is Gildinho, and he's 20 years old. He studys the Book of Mormon like crazy, and has a strong desire to serve a mission as well. I'm really excited for him to make this important covenant with our Heavenly Father.

About the houses, my area is the city, so we teach most people in apartments or even houses. Some apartments are nice, and some definitely aren't. But we do teach occasionally in huts as well. Every once and a while there is a random hut and there are also areas in our area that our just huts. So we kind of get the best of both worlds. Oh and that triple combanation I sent home? I have one just like that with me. I had two in the MTC, so I figured I'd send it home and have one waiting for me.

One more thing, we found a... BASKETBALL COURT here in Quelimane! I'm so pumped. I haven't played for months, and I can't lose my athletic ability now. So maybe we'll have tme to play today, we'll see.

So that's kinda been my week this past week. I do love the work, and the people here in Quelimane. I knew the mission doesn't always have easy times, but I'm becoming a better missionary every single day because of it.

I love you all, and I hope you have a good week!
Love, Elder Williams
ps. Next week, I'll have my letter for my friends. Com Certeza.