Monday, November 12, 2012

Manga - Week 29

Another crazy week here in Manga! We've had a lot of good things happen, but some disappointing things that happened as well... typical week I guess.
We have found a lot of new investigators over the last few weeks, so now it's just a matter of funneling it down to the ones who will fulfill commitments. We had a few new families at church today, so that's always super exciting! But at the same time, we had some that should have been there, that didn't come. So that's super disappointing.
We had an opprotunity to do a nice service project this past week. We helped a famaily add an extension to their house. We used cement blocks and cement. My first time doing cement work, and it's actually more difficult than I thought! But the family was grateful, and I was grateful to help.
The next day, something very sad happened. A member of the branch died and the funeral was this past week. He was an inactive member, and died in a motorcycle accident. What's sad, is that last week, Elder Delgado and Elder Monteiro ran into him on the street. He was telling them how he was inactive and things like that that were going on in his life. Elder Monteiro said, "Well you better start coming to church! If you died right now, what would be the state of your salvation?" The man agreed and said he would come to church the following Sunday. But three days later, that man was killed. It probably wasn't the best comment thaat Elder Monteiro could have said, so the story really is tragic. Crazy right? Just a lesson on how fragile life really is.
The funeral was so sad. People crying and screaming in African dialect that I cannot understand. They are completely without knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. It made me think how sad and scary it would be to live in this world without a knowledge of the gospel. It gives me even more drive to teach these people.
My love for these people continue to grow as I serve them every week. Something super embarassing about that happened this past week. A man with complete physical disablites was walking down this dirt road, and me and Elder Fontes decided to contact him. As I talked to this man, this helpless disabled man, and looked him in his eyes, the only thing I could think of was how much I loved him. I got teary eyed DURING THE CONTACT! It was probably super weird for him, as some white guy is talking to him and crying. But I'm not sure exactly what he thought.
That's one thing that I'm trying to apply in my life, is looking at people through Christ's eyes as he would see them. Sister Kretly taught this to us at a zone conference, and as I consciencely strive to do that. There is a HUGE difference. It gives us a big push to help these people that much more.
Another thing that happened this week, is that we talked to President Kretly on th phone. He talked to Elder Fontes and said that he wants to see baptisms in Manga 2. I could not agree more with him. That is exactly what I want! Baptisms in Manga 2, but also, I know that's the Lords will, and that what needs to happen.
Whatever President Kretly says, I will do, because I know it is inspired of God. I have so more respect for that man, and I know that his way is the right way here in Mozambique. I honestly doubt that no other mission has a mission President like him. Like honestly.
So that will be our goal over the next weeks and months. Baptizing people. We invited quite a few people this past week, so we should see the baptisma adding up over the next few weeks. I'm super excited for that.
Allthough sometimes it feels like the work is slow, I know Manga has potencial to explode! Just like Quelimane is experiencing know. But it's completely up to the missionaries and if we truely have a desire to change this area. If we keep doing what we've been doing for years here in Manga, nothing will change. But this area needs to change so we need to do things different. With hard work and efffort, I know we can help change Manga!
The branch is great! I have a lot of responsibilties though, including doing tithing after church, meetings before sacrament meeting, and getting a lot of phone calls from the 1st counselor in the Branch presidency. But I'm learning a ton! And it's super weird to have people give you their tithing envelopes... haha way weird. But I'm learning a lot!
Sounds like thing back home are going good! Is it true Obama beat Romney? There is no way that would happen... I got to know. I was heartbroken when I found out.
Well, Have a good week everybody! Love you all!
Love, Elder Williams