Monday, March 11, 2013

Beira - Week 46

Fiquei Doente (I was sick) 

This was not a fun week... not because the missionary work wasn't good, but because this was the first week I got sick during the mission. But Mom don't freak out, it was not a big deal.
The week started off great! We had a few good lessons Monday night, and into Tuesday the week was going well. I came home Tuesday night with just a headache, but I figured it would pass with a lot of water, and a good nights sleep. But that's not what happened. I woke up a little bit worse on Wednesday, but I figured everything was fine. We worked it just like a regular day, and we worked Thursday like a regular day as well. I was having body pains everywhere! Arms, legs, head, and I was coughing nonstop. It was quite difficult to work those days. When I realized the fever wasn't passing, I called Sister Kretly on Friday morning and explained the situation to her. She told me to go to a specific clinic, so we ended up going there Friday night. They had to draw my blood to make sure I didn't have Malaria. But luckily, the test came out negative. The doctor told me I had received some respiratory infection, and it caused the fever and body pains. Super weird. They gave me some medication, and I'm still taking it. I started feeling better Saturday night and into Sunday, so that's good. And as of right now, the only thing I have is the cough. So I'm better!
But when I started getting better, my companion started getting worse. Late Saturday night he was in a ton of pain. We called Sister Kretly again, and he explained what was going on to her. My companion was taken to the hospital about 10:00 that night for a Malaria test as well, but also came out negative. He is still feeling super weak. We should be heading back to the Hospital today with one of President Kretly's counselors, so we'll see what happens.
But as for the work this week, it was good! We are making progress with a few families as they are keeping commitments. We will be baptizing a family of 3 this Saturday, and a family of 4 next Saturday. This Saturday, it will be Lua, Recy, and their daughter Jacquelina, who is about 13 years old (He's the Bulls fan, and his wife is from Zimbabwe). They are an unbelievable family. We had a great lesson with them this week, as we taught the law of tithing and committed them to live it. During the lesson, he asked me what ten percent of 3,000 is. I did the math in my head, and even though I failed pre-cal my senior year I was able to give him the answer of 300. And as I thought about it, I realized that that is exactly how much money he makes, 3,000 Metacais per month. Which is about 100 dollars. He is a guard at night time for a local business, and works two nights on and two nights off. After we taught the Sabbath day, he talked to his boss so he would never have problems coming to church.
But this man so humbly, accepted the law of tithing. He said he would pay every month. Such a testimony builder to me, and after the mission, I will always willingly pay tithing as well. He has 100 dollars a month to buy food for his family of 5, clothes, electricity, water, school, and everything. They live in one small room. Unbelievable family, I honestly love them so much. And they are already married! Which is a miracle. A family that was truly prepared by the hand of the Lord.
Another really nice family is Nharingue and Gracinda. She is from Malawi, and he was a guy without a job that struggled with the Word of Wisdom. We had a lesson about the Word of Wisdom, and that is really what turned things around. He said that ever since he stopped drinking and smoking, his relationship is better with his wife. Haha well obviously! But I'm glad he recognized that. He really has changed a lot in just a few days. We talked to them today, and he's still going strong. Their baptismal date is April 6. They are really excited and want to be baptized in order to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. We did a few documents with them today, so we'll see what happens.
I liked the story Dad shared about the priesthood blessing. I've had plenty of chances to give blessings, and gave one late Saturday night when my companion was sick. Me and Elder Fontes gave tons of blessing together too, so that was nice. In Manga, I also had to chance to confirm the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and even ordain a few recent converts to offices in the Priesthood. The Lord is giving me plenty of chances to speak for him, and I'm so grateful for it.
Well I better go, but I hope you all have a good week! I'm doing good here, and I really am feeling better. This is the Lord's work, and he is responsible for us teaching these amazing families. Have a great week!

Love, Elder Williams

ps. Mom, I read in a Liahona this week about ideas for Primary teachers who teach children with cognitive disabilities. You might want to look into it. Love you!