Monday, March 25, 2013

Beira - Week 48

Well it has been kind of a long time hasn't it? Last week we didn't have much time to email because where did we go? We went to go see monkeys! There is a cemetary in Inhamizua that was rumored to have a ton of monkeys. So we figured we would check it out with a few other elders in the house. And sure enough, lots of monkeys! I got some pretty cool pictures and videos. 
We have had an unbelievable week here in Beira. Things are going extremely well. Especially in our branch. We had a baptismal service which was an absolute priviledge to be apart of. We had 16 people baptized at the service! It was unbelievable! 13 from our branch and 3 from Munhava, which is between Beira and Manga. The best part about it, is that they were all families that were baptized! Me and Elder Vestia had a family of 4 that was baptized in our area as well. In two weeks, we have baptized 2 complete families, and another family of 5 will be getting baptized next week after the wedding. The Lord has blessed us and given us the priviledge to help these people come unto Christ.
As you could imagine, the were a lot of confirmations that took place on Sunday during Church. It took up the whole sacrament meeting! But it was good to see families baptized and confirmed. They are exactly the kind of families we need. Quality, and quantity.
We have found a GOLDEN FAMILY this week as well. Crayton and Albertina. He is a chapa driver, and we contacted him on the way home one night last week. He seemed like a pretty humble guy, so we gave him a call the very next day. He works from 5am-10pm every single day except Sunday. So on Tuesday afternoon, we were only able to sit with Albertina. She is a super nice lady who is tired of churches. She hates tithing and all the blessing that random churches had promised her. We testified to her of the truthfulness of our message and invited her to church on Sunday. We were not able to return because of his work schedule. On Sunday morning, I called Crayton and asked him if they were coming to church. They said they were on their way, and they showed up in time for Principles of the Gospel. Afterwords, we had sacrament meeting and I sat with them. I explained that sacrament meeting was different today because of the confirmations, and normally, talks are given. They seemed to like the meeting. 
We then went back to their house yesterday afternoon after church. And we had an unbelievable lesson! We taught them the Restoration, and the importance of the Book of Mormom. They were able to feel the spirit as well, so that was good! And they really did understand the message that we shared. We invited them to be baptized when they receive a spiritual witness, and they accepted. We will be praying for the Spiritual witness to come. And I know it will. After the lesson, Crayton offered the most humble sincere prayer I've ever heard in my llife. Me and Elder Vestia cried as we talked about the prayer afterwards! He asked the Lord to bless his family, so that he can put food on the table, and he asked the Lord to help him be a Worthy Father. I have never heard any man ask for help to be a worthy father. And it is exactly what every man should pray for. He is so humble, and we are very excited to be apart of this.
This might be the happiest I've been on the misison. We are working hard and things are snowballing. I am so grateful to be here in Beira with the chance to help these people.  It really is an exciting time. The only challenges I have is cooking. Mom, do you think you could send me some easy recipes? Because I am eating a lot of corn flakes and tasteless spaquetti. Haha. I tried to make peri peri chicken last night, but as I took a bite, it still had blood inside, so I had to throw it out. Yes mom, I have eaten peri peri chicken. There is plently of peri peri here in Beira.
Sounds like things back home are going good! Andrew first overall pick in the baseball draft? That is honestly so sick. I am going to take over his coaching in a few years and we will win tons of championships together. Keep up the good work man!
I love you guys so much, and I'm glad you are all good! I am fine here, and I could not ask for anything better. I really am loving this work. There really is no greater responsibilty than preaching the gospel. I am excited to see where cousin Tanner gets called! Hopefully he will love it out here in Mozambique! haha 
Have a good week, and don't forget to have family home evening tonight! Love you all!

Love, Elder Williams