Monday, April 1, 2013

Photos - Beira - Week 49

Hey so I'm sending a lot of pictures! it's super sweet! I don't have time to write a lot cause it took awhile to upload these photos. But from now on you'll be getting photos weekly! I hope you guys are keeping all my emails. I want to keep every email that I've ever sent with all these pictures. That way I'll remember forever!  Couldn't be happier...
Wonderful family in Beira

Really BIG Spider!!

Great family in Beira

Can you find the Monkey in photo?  (No, it's not the handsome missionary on the right)

Monkey in Beira

Sixteen People are Baptized in Beira (Elder Williams back right with Elder Vestia)

Amazing family we baptized in Beira

Wedding documents are finally completed for family below!

An amazing family in Beira

Elder Fontes (Companion on Manga)
Transfers in Manga (Leaving for Beira) - with Elder Fontes

15 year old stud member in Beira... (so sick).