Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beira - Week 50

Transfers: Part 2

Good afternoon! I'm emailing on Tuesday, because today is our P-Day! On Sunday we had a holiday, National women's day here in Mozambique, and that was probably the craziest holiday I've seen since I've been here. Pretty much what happens is all the women in the country go out with other women and party. They dance and drink a lot to very loud music. It was quite the experience. So because of the holiday, internet places were closed yesterday, so today is our P-Day!
We've had a very good past few weeks. We had the marriage of one of our families, Nharingue and Gracinda. They have changed so much over the past few weeks as they have prepared for baptism. The marriage ran very smoothly, although we had a hard time finding her a dress throughout the week. But we were able to do it! The Spirit was very strong in the ceremony, and we understood that this really is the will of the Lord that these couples get married. 
The even better part of the weekend was the baptismal service. Nharingue and Gracinda were baptized with 3 of their older children on Saturday. It was great to see another amazing family make a covenant with our Heaven Father. 
The end of the weekend also brought transfers for us here. It was by far the fastest transfer I have been a part of so far. I was unsure about what transfers would bring, since last transfer was such a surprise. But my time with Elder Vestia, has come to a close already. We only served together for 6 weeks, and he was transfered to Beira 1. I will be getting my new companion, Elder Biddulps tonight. He gets off a plane tonight at about 9 pm, straight from America!  I've never trained an American before, so I'm excited to get to know him and help him get into the Mozambique missionary mode. I will be training him in the area I'm in right now, Beira 2, so there is not a better area to train in. It's the country's strongest branch and a lot of good things are happening right now in our area. Our Zone Leaders came to me last night and said they think our companionship baptized more people than any other companionship in the mission. (But they didn't confirm it). In six weeks, we baptized 3 complete families (13 people).  The Lord has blessed us. It really isn't anything I did, but the Lord has really prepared these families. I'm excited to keep working and see more results this next transfer with the new Elder!
Crayton and Albertina are continuing to progress! Albertina even participated in our Relief Society activity with one of our recent converts. They are starting to feel that this really is Christ's church. Other families are progressing as well, but they are my favorites! So humble, and so willing to be obedient. 
We have some crazy mission news as well. As of this week, we have Sister missionaries here in Mozambique! But for now, just one companionship. There is a Sister from Idaho and a sister from Angola. More Sisters will be coming in the future as well. I'm excited to see the help that they will provide in helping baptize more families. 
We had a crazy experience happen last night after one of our lessons. So me and Elder Vestia were walking down the street leaving a lesson when we saw a man and a women arguing in the road. We tried avoiding them, but as we continued walking, the lady started running away from him. He chased after her, caught her, and started beating her right in front of us, and right in the middle of the road. I was completely disgusted with the sight of watching him beat that women. As missionaries, we shouldn't really do anything, but I couldn't help it. We stopped the scene and helped the lady run away. We talked to the man afterwards, and he said the most inappropriate thing about that lady. To be honest, I wanted to hit him! I don't care what that lady did, but she does not deserve to get beaten like that. It was so sad. Anyone that touches their wife, deserves to get beaten themselves. It's so sad. Something that was really hard for me to watch yesterday. Mozambique has plently of crazy, but sad stories.
As for me, I'm so happy. Time is flying by at a scary rate. I think soon I'll be in the process of trying to extend my mission a few more months. There is nothing I would want more. And I'm being completely serious. There is just something about helping these people that I don't want to trade for anything. Sunday night I got a text from an old investigator in Manga who received the priesthood on Sunday. He thanked me for everything, and he was grateful to be a priesthood bearer so that he could bless his family. It's so great to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. Priceless moments like this, are so humbling. 
I'm so grateful to be on a mission, especially in the country that is starting to explode with the gospel. This is the church of Jesus Christ on the Earth. I'm so grateful for the Restoration, and the knowledge we have about Eternal Families. I love you all so much, and I hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Williams

ps. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is more than avoiding the bad things of the world, but becoming a better person each and everyday. -Quote from Elder Bednar. I kinda used my own words... I can't remember exactly what he said.