Monday, April 15, 2013

Beira - Week 51

Hello family,
We've had a good week here in Beira, yet again. I received my new companion, Elder Biddulph (bid-off) this past week. He is a great kid from Ogden, Utah. He is ready to work, and has a big desire to serve the Lord. He is one of the 18 year old missionaries as well! So it's cool to see 18 year olds serving! It was kind of funny, becuase he flew in on Wednesday night pretty late at about midnight. So when I woke up Thursay morning, there was some kid laying in the bed next to me that I had never seen before! Interesting way to start off the companionship. Haha
But our first day together was great! We got out of the chapa, and he contacted the first man he saw in the road. It was quite impressive! I obviously had to help out, because he's only been speaking Portuguese for 6 weeks, but the fact that he is willing to work, is nice! He will be a very succesfull missionary if he continues to work hard!  I'm excited to help him develop the language and develop good missionary habits. I'm glad I have the opprotunity to help him and I'm excited for the challange. The only negative part is that we now have one less hour in our area because we are going to be doing the 12 week program, which is for trainers and new missionaries. I like having as much time in the area as possible, but the 12 week program when I was with Elder Fontes helped out a lot.  And it helped me out a lot as well when I was trained by Elder Workman. So I'm excited about it and it will help Elder Biddulph out a lot.
There is also another new Elder in our house who is actually from Stansbury. He was actually in Jarrett's seminary class one year as well. His name is Spencer Stubbs. So tell Jarrett that we are living in the same house. Speaking of Jarrett, what are the mission plans?? I'm excited to hear about when he decides to go.
Investigators are progressing, and we are helping more families get closer to baptism. We should have another pretty succesfull transfer of baptisms in our companionship, and in the branch, if paperwork runs well. I'm excited to see hat happens. 
Crayton and Albertina are still progressing. We passed by there Friday, and they had a few doubts about mariage. They said they want to be baptized, but right now is not a good time to get married. They live in a house of mud a sticks that is falling aprt everyday. They are builiding a house of blocks on the side of their house and they want to wait until that's done to get married. They understand that they are living in sin and that marriage in important so that they can be baptized. But when Mozambicans think marriage, they think of all the African traditions that come into play. We explanined that that is not the marriage they need to do, and that they can just sign the marriage documents. But they said they want to do it on THEIR time. I explained that the commandments cannot be lived on OUR time, but on THE LORD'S time. They understood, but they didn't understand the inportance of commiting now.
I gave them an analogy. I asked them if Christ himself came to their house and told them of the importance of these commandments, what would they do. Albertina answered and she said that she would personally do anything to live the commandments in that moment. We testified that we are the Lord's representatives called to tell them exactly what God wants them to do right now in their lives, and that they need to pray to know what they need to do. They understood the concept, and commited to pray about it. I hope the Spirit will continue to work on them as they make a decision. And I know it will.
Gabriel and Matilde is another family that is progressing nicely and have commited to be baptized on May 18. They are without a doubt the poorest family finanially that I have taught. And they don't have a very high level of understanding, but I sure do love them! I took about 5 or 6 lessons to help them understand just the Restoration alone. But they are great. They have absolutely no religious background at all, but they now come to church and they realize that it is something that they need in their lives. It is going to be tough to help them get ready spiritually and financially for the 18th of May, but it is definitely possible!
We also have Leo and Alice who are our Golden Investigators right now. We should be opening the marriage process this week, and then everything will be ready! So the area is coming along and we are having some nice success. I'm excited about the way things are coming along and I'm really excited to work with Elder Biddulph! He helps me better appreciate my surrondings. Sometimes he'll say, "wow this place is beautiful." And it reminds me that this place reallly is beautiful! It's easy to forget after being here for awhile. 
You guys got a lot of pictures this week because the internet is running very well. I hope that you guys know that I am happy! I love doing this work every single day.  It's so hard but so worth it. I'm blessed to be among these amazing people each and every day. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I had a good birthday, even though I honestly forgot during the day. I celebrated by eating a piece of cake a night. Haha.
I hope you all have a good week, and I want to recieve pictures from you guys as well. Love you all!

-Elder Williams