Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beira - Week 54 (w/Photo's)

Well, last week I told you all that we had a very hard week, full of difficulties. The difficulties continued into the beginning of this past week as well! This work is so hard, but so rewarding.
I was reading a scritpture in the doctrine and covenants that reads, after the trial of you faith, and after the challenges, come the blessings. I know that as we continue to be obediente, and as we continue to be diligent, the Lord will bless us!
Let me tell you a little bit about the week, the first few days, Tuesday and Wednesday, we had lots of lessons fall through. Between the two days alone, we had 12 fallen through lessons. 5 on tuesday, and 7 on wednesday. But that gave me and Elder Biddulph plenty of time to do street contacting! We would go back home at nights exhausted. I wonder how many miles we walked during those days.
As the week went on, we started having more success sitting with new families, and calling the contacts in which we had made. By the end of the week, we were able to sit with 7 new couples, and a total of 15 new investigators. We were expecting a breakthrough week, hoping that all these new families would come to church, but only 1 of the new families showed up. So the was a big pill to swallow. Me and Elder Biddulph will be studying a lot of chapter 11 (In Preach my Gospel) this week, so that our investigators can keep commitments. I'm sure that will help a lot!
Let me tell you about the cool fasting experience we had this week! As I have said, we are teaching a very young couple Jojo and Luisa. They are progressing nicely, its just that he wants to be sure that these things are true. He knows the Bible very well, and has had a hard time accepting the Book of Mormon. But they are coming to church, and want to know the truth. So Saturday, we went over there early in the morning to teach a lesson. We asked them how the reading was coming along, and we were surprized when he had told us that he had not read. I think he was even more surprized at the answer we gave him. In a loving, most nicest way we could, we expressed that it was completel unacceptable to not read the Book of Mormon. I know that he has a desire to know, and if he just picks up the Book and asks God, he will know. We drove that into him pretty well, and know I know that he will not forget to read again. So me and Elder Biddulph decided to do a fast so that they would receive an answer about the Book of Mormon and the truthfullness of the Church. Well, yesterday at church, a returned missionary Irmao Milion gave a powerful class on Baptism and the importance of authority.  Jojo has had plenty of questions on authoruty, so it was perfect. I know that Jojo felt the Spirit during that class, and I'm excited to go over there tomorrow when he says that he received an answer! I have a powerful testimony of Fasting. I have seen miracle after miracle as we sacrifice and put the needs of others in front of ours. And fasting here is not easy! 24 hours without water walking in the African sun, is defintely a sacrifice! And the Lord knows that.
Now I will tell you about a funny story that happened this week. We were in companion study, and marking a few lessons. we had contacted a man named Santana the day earlier and so I gave Elder Biddulph the chance to call him. When the man answered, Elder Biddulph said "bom dia irmao Satanas!" I couldn't help it,, and started laughing so hard! Instead of saying Santana, he said Satanas which in Portguese is "Satan." haha. We ended up laughing about it in the end, and we had a very good lesson with him! Haha so that is why we were able to laugh about it.
Elder Biddulph is learning portuguese well, he just needs to speak with more confidence. But I'm happy with the improvement he has made. But I am walking him to death! He is covered in blisters...
Well, have a good week! and talk to you on Sunday! Happy Mothers day Mom!
Love, Elder Williams

PS: Pictures are of a daily planning session, and the nicest kitchen in the mission, ours!