Monday, July 1, 2013

Matola - Week 62

O Senhor esta com pressa aqui na Africa

Good morning family! I hope everyone had a good week. From the letters, sounds like everyone is doing really well and that the week was a success. Especially for Andrew tearing it up at BYU basketball camp and Nick going to EFY. Some of the most spiritual experiences I remember before the mission were from EFY. I am glad he had a good experience!
Transfers happened today! Transfers are always pretty exciting to see where everyone will go and where they will serve. We had a total of 11 new missionaries come from the MTC this week (8 elders and 3 sisters) so we knew that some changes would happen. Our zone didn't change to much, but we did have a few elders get switched in and out of the zone. The zone also added one more companionship, so that will be nice. But as for me and Elder Lake, we will continue to serve together as zone leaders in Matola. 
I am so excited for the elders who were transfered into Matola. As President Kretly said this past week in zone conference, "when we move out to our new chapel in matola, matola is going to explode." I know that is true and it is so exciting to be apart of it.
With the transfer coming to an end, lets look at the growth in Matola that has happened over the past 6 weeks. From December 2012- June 2013, the zone of Matola had baptized 8 complete families. In the past month alone, June 2013 the zone of Matola baptized 7 complete families. It was a miracle from the Lord. Over the past few weeks, the elders have started to "catch the vision." Me and Elder Lake gave some trainings on marriage documents, chapter 11 in Preach My Gospel, on how to know when to drop a family, and we are seeing crazy results. I am so grateful to be apart of the work in Matola, and I wouldnt want to be anywhere else.
We had a very good zone conference on Friday. President Kretly always gives unbelivable tranings. He talked about the miracles that have been happening in the mission. President Kretly always helps us to recognize the hand of the Lord in the work, and I really do. It is amazing the work that the Lord has done through a bunch of 18 and 20 year old kids. That is just one more testimony that I have about the truthfulness of this gospel. The church here is growing so fast! It is not because of the missionaries, it is definitely not because of me, but it is becuase we have a loving Heavenly Father who loves the people of Mozambique. I cant remember which Apostle said this, but "The Lord is in a hurry with Africa." And that is so true.
Our area is starting to look pretty good. We have about 4 families that are progressing very nicely. Manuel e Belmira, Manuel e Linda, Mateus e Ancha, e Arnaldo e Rosa. Two of them should be baptized over the next transfer. That will be nice going into the new chapel. I will be talking about the new chapel in a bit.
Fernando e Ivone were dropped yesterday. So sad! There was just no prgress with the documentation for marriage, and they missed church for the first time yesterday. But that is part of the work. The Lord obviously wanted them to be taught for 5 weeks. Maybe they will get their heads on straight and come to church next week! 
Yesterday, President and Sister Kretly came out to church with us and he talked about the chapel situation. I don know if I have told you guys, but we have been taking buses out to T-3 to go to church every Sunday morning. The rented 3 buses, and all the members meet all the old location here in Matola. Then, we have a huge sacrament meeting in T-3 with 3 branches. Yesterday, about 350 people were there. It was crazy! That is currently our chapel situation.
The open house for the new chapel will be on July 20-27, with church on the 28th for the first time. It is going to be a huge event! The building is right on a huge road here in Matola. Yesterday, the AP´s gave us 3,000 invitations to give out to people. President Kretly wants the whole city, including Maputo to know about it. It will be an exciting few weeks building up to it.
I am very ready for a new transfer. This past transfer, we had some hard things happen. We had some problems with some Elders, others had to go home to take care of some things, and I definitely felt the burden of being a zone leader and the stress that comes with it. But what an amazing opportunity it is to serve this amazing city. I am so grateful for the miracles that the Lord blesses us with day after day. I know that He loves us, and He truely is in a hurry with Africa.
That is why Elder Jarrett Anderson will be called to the Mozambique Maputo mission. There is not a better mission in the world. So I guess I will talk to him in a few months when he gets sent to the Matola zone!
Well, have a good week! I hope the summer continues to go well and that everyone has a good 4th of July.

Love, Elder Williams