Monday, June 24, 2013

Matola -Week 61

a obra do senhor

I just want to start off apologizing for not saying anything about Fathers day last week. Here, it definitely wasnt fathers day, so I really has no idea. But I hope you had a good day!
I remembered about the birthday though! Dad really is 46 already? That´s crazy. Sounded like you had a good day!
We had a pretty good week this past week, but it was very hectic. The super division ran well with the district of T3. We did internet with them, and them played some american football, so that was fun. While we were playing, most of the neighborhood came out to watch a bunch of white guys playing some weird sport. So we challenged some teenage kids to their sport; soccer. We played an intense game! Mozambicans definitely know how to play soccer. But we ended up beating them 1-0! We scored on a corner kick, and everyone went crazy! They were pretty embarrassed to have lost to some scrubby white kids.
We are still having a few problems in the zone as far as the chapel is concerned, but that will be resolved next month. For now, we are still getting bussed out to T3 to have church. Can´t wait for our new chapel to open! It is by far the nicest chapel in the country.
We are still very much in the finding mode as far as our area is concerned.
 The finding never stops! We have a couple families that are progressing super well, and we are scrapping to get all the documentation together for marriage. This week, we should make some progress with that.
Fernando and Ivone and their huge family are still progressing very nicely, except for an incident that happened Saturday night. We went over their, to find him very drunk. He has done so well over the past few week not drinking, but this week he gave into temptation. Not only did he give into temptation, but he tried to cover it up, telling us that he didn´t drink. But after all this time in Mozambique, I know exactly what someone looks like who is drinking. He apologized and begged for forgiveness from us. Obviously we aren´t the ones who can forgive sins, but we explained that we are willing to help him. They have yet to miss a day of church since we found them. Including yesterday.
The unfortunate part of the work... dropping families. We dropped a few families this week that stopped progressing. Super sad, because I know that these families were prepared by the Lord. But people have their agency and can choose for themselves.
The work is going well, and the stress continues to pile. Me and Elder Lake deal with a lot of problems that we didn´t think we´d be a part of. We talked to President Kretly yesterday about some things that have happened over the past few days, and some problems among the Elders. We will be having another meeting with him tomorrow night to talk about the branches in Matola.
 We will also be having zone conference! With the Matola and Maputo zones together this Friday. I´ll let you know how it goes. President Kretly alwasys gives UNBELIEVABLE trainings. I´m pretty excited about it.
But, I´m still happy as ever. Time is passing way to fast. I´m doing my best to live in the moment so that we can best help this people find the truth. I´m glad to hear that missionary training back home went well. It´s so humbling to be part of this amazing work. It would not be growing like this if this wasn´t Gods work. I know God loves each and every one of us. I can feel it here among this people! Love you all, have a great week.

Love, Elder Williams.

ps. I will try to contact Estacia this week. I will see what area they live in.