Monday, June 10, 2013

Matola - Week 59

The weeks continue to fly by at a pace that is very scary. We are now entering into the middle part of June, so every day and every hour is so precious.
Me and Elder Lake are continuing to work hard so that we can see real growth in our area. This week, we didn't have to much time in our area as normal, but plenty of time to find and teach! We are busy talking to the assistants, and making sure the elders in our zone have everything that they need. But it's been a good service opportunity.
The past few weeks, we have been doing divisions with the district leaders that are in our zone. I did one with the district leader of Matola 1, and Elder Lake did one with the district leader of T-3. These areas are so full of people and have so much potential. We were able to help them apply better a few   principles on finding and teaching. Preach My Gospel is very clear on talking to everyone! And one thing that I have learned over time is on how to really teach in a way that allows the person to understand what we are saying. A majority of the missionaries will teach the Restoration, and then afterwards that person didn't understand. Me and Elder Lake are really trying to really drive that into the zone. 
The biggest problem we are having down south is the mentality of the Elders here. Everyone is talking about Beira. People think that here in Maputo, it is harder to baptize families. But that is not true! We just need to be diligent and obedient and of course we can baptize families. The only solution to this is to baptize families. It has got to start sometime! I'm excited to see the growth over the next few months!
I have found a lot of purposes as a zone leader that I didn't think. We are trying really hard to help a few Elders be obedient. That was something I thought we all knew! We've had to deal with a few emergency transfers in our zone because of health, obedience, and all sorts of problems. But everything will work out, and our zone will get on board.
The work continues to go on and on! I love it. Missionary work will be something I do for the rest of my life. I was glad to hear of the experience that Tiffany had. There really is nothing more rewarding than doing this amazing work. It brings a joy that I can't explain. Me and Elder Lake were talking about it this week, and we were talking about how our mission is a personal thing between us and the Lord. Just like I have good memories with my earthly father, this is a good experience I have with my Heavenly Father. It's super cool, and irreplaceable. I don't know if that made sense...
We just continue to contact and teach the families we are finding! Fernando and Ivone are progressing well! As well as Fernando and Maria. We are scrabbling to complete documents for marriage!
Mom, as for my health, I'm fine! A couple weeks back in Beira I realized I was losing a lot of weight very fast, and I was kind of worried about it. But then we found out that I had a worm! But don't worry, I have since taken pills and I'm good now! I'm putting the weight back on now!
Me and Elder Lake had a scary experience this morning... we went to go buy cinnamon right outside our house, but as we were walking we saw 3 huge dogs. And then, they attacked. we started booking it as fast as we could and then I tripped super hard! Right when I tripped, they turned away and didn't bite. It was a miracle! Haha I was so scared. They looked so mad. Dogs here? Not fun.
Well, I hope you all have a good week! We'll continue to work hard down here and see miracles from the hand of The Lord. Love you all!

-Elder Williams

ps. Andrew, go tear it up at basketball camp. I want to hear all about it