Monday, November 4, 2013

Matola - Week 81

Good Morning!
We had another good week here in Matola as we were able to baptize 4 more people in our area. The Lord has really blessed our area. The 4 we baptized, Faustino, Sonia, Sandra, and Vania, really have repented of their sins. There was a lot of support from the members as well which was good. The Spirit was definitely felt, and the whole branch presidency was able to make it! I attached some pictures of the sacred event. During baptisms, the Spirit is so strong as people make promises with our Heavenly Father. I  love it!

Transfers are today as well, I feel like I am in my home ward here in Matola, so it would be really hard to leave. I figured I would leave because of the time I have in the area, and because I have been able to show the area to Elder Brandao for the past 2 transfers. I had an interview with President last week, and expressed my desire to stay, but that it all depends on the Lords will. And today we had a few surprizes! I am staying! I get another transfer in Matola, and Elder Brandao will be leaving. I was greatful to serve with, and we learned a lot with each other. I had the chance to train him as a zone leader, and I learned a lot more about his culture. He is going to Maputo to be an AP, and Im staying put!

I will be recieving a new companion, Elder Santos. He was a district leader up in Beira, and so he is becoming a zone leader for the first time! I have never met him, as we have never served near each other. But I have heard nothing but good things about him, and I am excited to start working with him in our area. 
We had a few changes in our zone this transfer, and we will ge working with 3 new district leaders which will be good. I am excited about the changes, I know that it is the Lords will, and that it is what is best for our zone in Matola. 
Manuel and Linda, our recent converts had their baby! It is a beautiful little girl! I will have to send a picture next week to you!
It has been raining hard here in Matola over the past few days! I sent a picture of me covered in mud. What happened, was me and Elder Brandao were running back from a lesson, and it was pouring rain. I tried jumping a huge puddle, but I tripped and ate it! It was quite the experience!

Well the Lord is continuing to bless Matola! We are seeing a lot of growth, and I am excited to still be apart of it. This week, me and Elder Santos will be having a district leader training for our 3 new district leaders. So that will be good! We also plan on having a zone activity next week, so that everyone in the zone can get to know everyone. 
I know that this work is the Lords work, and that he is in front of it. I love Matola. This really is my home! I love the branch, the members, the recent converts, and the investigators. I will continue to do my best to help this people receieve the truth. Since I have been here, we have seen 6 complete families baptized just in our area! This, truely is a miralce. 
I love you all, and I wish a good week for all of you!

Love, Elder Williams