Monday, November 11, 2013

President Kretly note to parents regarding church growth, missionary health and current political instability in Mozambique:

Dear Parents, Families  and Leaders of Missionaries serving in the Mozambique Maputo Mission:

As you know your missionary that is serving in Mozambique is doing very well. In general, all of them are in good health and are doing fine serving the Lord.

The most common health  problems we have here are: Malaria, ingrown toe nails,  stomach problems, some skin allergies and weight loss. Only a few  have anything different than these.

My wife and I,  are trying  hard to teach them how to avoid these problems.

For example:  Malaria can be avoided 99% of the time, simply by  taking the medicine that the mission provides every day, using repellent, and sleeping under a mosquito net.

We also encourage them to wash their hands and use a hand sanitizer. Regarding the hand sanitizer,  we ask that all new missionaries,  purchase in the MTC, eight (8) two ounce bottles of a product called Pure Bio Sense.  This product is applied to the hands and provides 24 hours protection. Eight bottles should last two years. Please help us, by reminding  your missionary to be 100% obedient, including the small things like these.

As some of you know, Mozambique have some political instability. We are very aware of that and we are taking care of your missionary very well. All the transfers we made is flying, and we try hard to make them feel safe where they live.

The main reason we are writing to you today, is to announce that this week, the mission has passed the land mark of 200 complete families  baptized into the Church within the past 11 months ! This is a Miracle ! The idea is to share with you this great news and to ask you to unite with us in offering prayers of thanksgiving to Heavenly Father, to recognize His  hand in this great work!

On this path, we are assured that the Church will continue to experience real growth. Within one or two  generations there will be a strong Church here, with stakes and perhaps, even a temple in Mozambique.

Please continue to pray for your missionary to work hard, to be blessed in their health and to find, teach and baptize  families, here in Mozambique.

Your missionaries are wonderful,  we really believe that they are the best missionaries in the world. We love them, we pray for them and we enjoy sharing their mission experience with them.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

With love and respect,

President and Sister Kretly

Mozambique Maputo Mission