Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Maputo - Week 96

February 17, 2014

This past week was very busy and exhausting! We had lots of things to do and I feel like we worked effectively throughout the week. It was "the week of meetings."  On Tuesday we had staff meeting, Wednesday we had Mission Leadership Council, Thursday we had a zone training, Friday we had district meeting, and Saturday we had two sessions of District Conference. So we were very busy with meetings. Even with all these meetings, we were able to see miracles in the area and be effective in the mission office. 
This week in the mission office we have been doing all lot of research on family history because the next Zone Conference will be focused on family history used in missionary work. I don't know much about family history, so it's been good to learn more about it. It is actually very interesting! Now I know why G-pa always wanted us to do indexing with him. I've learned that missionary work and family history work are two parts of one great work. I needed to create a family search account and it didn't accept my myldsmail account so I had to use it through gmail. But I ended up finding out that as I missionary, I already have an account! But I'm excited to learn more about family history and get zone conference ready. Zone conference will be the first week of April.
As far as the meetings are concerned, they all went well. Mission leadership council was good and all the zone leaders shared insightful and inspiring counsels about what will help the mission and each area. Elder Greenman and I talked about "passing on the vision" to the younger generation of missionaries. That was something that Elder Hamilton wanted us to share with the zone leaders. It is important that we pass on the desire, hope, faith, and vision that we have, to the younger missionaries so that these miracles can continue and that more mozambiquans can come to a knowledgeof the truth. It was a great meeting.
We were also very busy this week with District conference here in Maputo. It actually needed  a lot more preparation than I had expected. There were some problems with sound, video, and space, but for the most part, it was a success. A total of 807 people attended the conference. Almost 200 more than last time. That shows how much Maputo is growing! The Matola chapel was full!
We saw lots of growth in the area as well this week.
I have a lot more to say, but today is kind of crazy. I will send a better email next week!

Love, Elder Williams