Monday, February 24, 2014

Maputo - Week 97

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great week. I am so excited to tell you all about the amazing things that happened today here in the World's Best Mission. 
Sorry I wasn't able to send my email from last week, I had started writing it but I didn't get to finish it or write everything that I wanted to. The plan was to save it and then finish it this week when I had more time. But it's hard to remember everything that happened so I ended up sending the message like it was anyways. Sorry about that. Last P-day, we spent most the day at the hospital... we were playing basketball and soccer and Elder Greenman rolled his ankle pretty bad. So we went to go do an x-ray. But it isn't broken and it has gotten a lot better. President didn't want us to work in the area for a few days, but I was able to go and work with other missionaries in our area. 
The week was full of very good things that happened, and also a lot of sad things... it is so hard to watch people use their agency incorrectly. We're losing Paulo and Elsa and Augusto and Rosalina. We had such powerful lessons with them this past week. We watched ''It's a miracle'' which is the 10 minute video of mozambiquan couples leaving the traditions of their fathers to follow Jesus Christ. Paulo was very emotional and he realized that he can get married without doing the traditional african marriage stuff. We had a powerful lesson with Augusto and Rosalina as well! Embora que (Although that) their kids were crying and yelling just about the whole lesson. But they really were able feel the influence of the Holy Ghost. But after these lessons, their pastor of their old church went to visit them and convinced them to go back to their church. At that church, they have more friends, and it isn't a 40 minute walk. Satan really is going hard after these families. But there is always opposition when a family starts progressing. (2 Nephi 2:11).
So right now, they aren't progressing anymore. I feel like the only thing that can help them is Book of Mormon study. So we will continue to help them in their reading so that they can make the right decision.
The Lord is being very loving by putting more families in our path. He blessed us with a family of 10! Caros and Ana. This is very interesting how they came across our path... we had contacted him in the road, but the lesson fell through the next day. A few days later, we ran into him again! He said that he was sorry that it didn't work out the first time and that he was willing to hear our message. For some reason, I was being hard-hearted and said that since we had already tried to sit with his family, it was not going to work out. He said, ''Ok well here is my card anyway, I'm free tomorrow.'' And he handed me his business card. That was very impressive when he did that. And I realized that I had straight up denied him the gospel. I thought a lot about that experience during the day, and repented of that dumb mistake I had made. The next day, when we were out in the area I realized that I had forgotten his business card at home... what a mistake! But you won't believe this... that same day, we ran into him again on the road! We were so grateful. We walked straight to his house with him and taught his whole family the Restoration. They are pretty strong in their church, but they accepted a Baptismal invite if they know the things to be true. We left the Book of Mormon there, and came back to teach with the Branch President 2 days later. Carlos was already in chapter 16 of 1 Nephi! We had a very good lesson with them, and then Carlos came to church with his son on Sunday. Ana wasn't able to make but we have lots of hope for her as well. This is a proof that as misisonaries, sometimes we make incorrect decisions... but the Lord loves his children so much that he was willing to give us multiple chances to teach a prepared family. I'm so grateful for that. This family has so much potential.
Another family that was put into our path this week was Ronaldo and Iva. We found them by knocking on the wrong door! The day before, we had contacted a man and marked a lesson for the next day. He pointed to where he lived and we said we would be there. The next day, when it was time for the lesson we started walking to his house. There was a little bit of confusin of where he lived, but i was assured that we were at the right house. We knocked on the door, and it was the wrong house! Ronaldo answered the door. We talked to him and ended up teaching him the Restoration right then and there! They accepted baptism and to come to church 2 days later. On Sunday, we picked them up and walked to church together. They are a super nice little couple and have lots of potencial as well. We will visit them tonight as well and we are excited to see their spiritual progression. 
One intersting experience we had this week was to take part in the local television here in Mozambique. The number 1 news channel in Mozambique did a segment on the church at the Matola chapel. President Kretly had us invite some misisonaries to be there, and they ended up interviewing 4 of the missionaries. 2 Elders and 2 Sisters. I was interviewed with a missionary from Mozambique. They asked us what we do, and a few other questions. It was a good opprotunity. The news segment will come out this weekend. So, I'm going to be on TV. Sister Kretly was also interviewed. 
So, the work continues to go on! And so does the time! It is so scary how fast it really goes by. We are trying our best to make the most out of our time. We are happy, trying hard to share the good news we have! But don't get me wrong... it's hard as well. Lot's of stress. But it's worth it. Thanks so much for everything!

Elder Williams