Monday, January 21, 2013

Manga - Week 39

Crazy week here in Manga. The week before last was a discouraging one, with baptismal dates falling through, but this week was very promising! Me and Elder Fontes made some good goals of finding new families and helping our current ones progress. We marked two more families to be baptized this past week, so that's exciting! And we have plans to mark a few more this next week! I'm really excited about the area right now. Our area hasn't baptized a single family in years, like dead serious. So it's amazing what the Lord has done for us as we stay diligent and do our very best every day.
So this past week, we recieved the November 2012 Liahona which I guess is lke the Ensign. And I was flipping through it, I recognized a picture... then I read the caption, "missionaries and members in Quelimane, Mozambique." I was so excited! If you have the conference addition at home, flip to page 66 and you'll see it! It is a picture of when we were watching conference in the Osborn's house. But I got cut off... But still cool! The women in front with braids is my investigator that I found and that was baptized. Super cool!
We also recieved the January 2013 Liahona. As I was flipping through it, I was surprized to see my cousin Tanner Anderson in the Liahona! that was cool as well. So tell Tanner that he's famous! Even here in Africa.
So we had no problems with energy and power in our house this past week, so that was a blessing! And we only went one day without water... so that wasn't bad.
Our little branch here in Manga 2 is slowly growing. My first week here in the branch, back in October, there was about 30 or 40 people... But the 4 of us missionaries in the branch have been working really hard! We've tried to get members involved as well. The branch doesn't have meetings, and presidencies such as relief society and Elders quorom don't meet at all. I held a meeting with all branch leaders, and we talked about things we can do to help less active members, and how we can fortify the new members coming into the ward. The members and missionaries are starting to work together here. The branch will change dramatically over the next few months, and is already starting to. We now have about 121 people comming to church. Big change in a short time.
I also played the piano yesterday in sacrament meeting. Sacrament meeting without piano is very bad... especially when many people don't know the music. I figured I'd go for it yesterday, and I played all 4 hymns! We'll see how next week goes...
Sounds like everything back home is going well. Keep reading the scriptures as a family everyday! .
Mom asked the question of what is the most difficult experience? Or something like that... I think it would be managing stress. I wouldn't say that I'm stressed out, but I always have things on my mind. Whether it's an investigator, a member, something in the branch, how to help investigators keep commitments, progress, finding new investigators, contacting, etc. There is just so much to do in so little time. It seems like some days the days aren't long enough. It's tough to manage the million thoughts and feeling that I have daily. Missionary work really is the hardest work!
I was glad to recieve an email from the Nichols family this morning. Sounds like a great family, and hopefully I'll run into them while they're here in the Beira area! Mom and Dad, you'll have to keep in touch with them. Especially once they go back out to Utah.
Well, I hope you all have a great week! Thank you for attaching the friend newsletter. I was glad to hear from all of them! Don't worry about me here, I'm busy, but happy! I know this is the Lord's work. I don't have a single doubt. Something false could not change so many lives, like it's changing the beloved people of Mozambique. I'm humbled to be with them. This really is ZION!

Love, Elder Williams