Monday, March 31, 2014

Maputo - Week 102

Mission Extension (April Fools!) 

I don't even know where to start... This week was very hectic in zone conference preparations and in other things as well. I learned a lot of things this past week.
Elder Williams, Elder Santos, Elder Greenman
Last week, we ''thought'' we had the zone conference training all planned and ready to go. We had sat down with President Kretly before he left and looked over it together and everything. But throughout the week... we kept feeling like there were more things that needed to be talked about, and other things that didn't need to be talked about. Lets just say, that the training that was done a week ago, and the training that was actually presented was quite different! I know, without a doubt that inspiration and direction was given for this zone conference. there was a few times when Elder Greenman, Elder Santos and I knelt together in prayer by our computers so that we could prepare everything that was necessary. The spirit literally guided us as we were able to finish off the last touches. We are very happy with they way it turned out. I personally feel, that it the Lord's will was talked about in zone conference. After looking over the training one night via Skype, Sister Kretly reminded us that zone conference is like the ''general conference'' of our mission. Each missionary will hear that with they need at that time to help them in the work. I liked that thought, and it will help me when we actually have zone conference here in Maputo on Wednesday.
As far as we know, zone conference in Beira went very well. During our follow-ups with the zone leaders they were able to tell us how it was and they said that it was spiritual experience and that the missionaries learned a lot. It was worth all of the late nights.
The area is coming along well. To be honest, we didn't spend as much time in the area as we thought because of some zone conference prep. But since there are three of us, we were able to be even more effective. Elder Santos was able to walk with Elder de Pina who came down from Maxixe for a couple of reasons. So although it was a busy week, it was an effective week. We sat with some new families as well which was good. One of which came to church yesterday,Cremildo and CĂ©lia. They are a very special family with a lot of desire to follow Jesus Christ.
And the other families are progressing well. Ronaldo and Iva and Nelson and Luisa. They continue to see changes in their lives through the gospel. 
We had an interesting experience with Carlos and Ana this week... we taught the law of chastity and Ana does not want to get married right now. Carlos was very clear to her explaining that they need to keep the commandment. Ana was saying that she needs more time to prepare family and a party and stuff. Carlos asked her, ''If you had to choose between a party and salvation, what would you choose?'' Ana justified it saying that it was different. Carlos pretty much condemned her with his words. He wants so bad to be baptized in this church. It will happen. With his wife. We are starting to see lots of growth with her. She started reading the Book of Mormon this week!! I was so happy. If she reads with a desire to follow Jesus Christ, she'll get baptized. The Book of Mormon is a lot more powerful than sometimes we think. it really does change people.
Time for a miracle story.... on saturday morning, we were doing contacts and we ran into a super nice looking couple. The wife, I had recognized from Matola. She sells bread at the local bakery by where I used to live in Matola. I talked to her so many times and I had a pretty good relationship with her. That helped them have confidence in us to accept to hear our message in there house. I had the chance to plant the seed for 8 months, then see some fruits. We marked for Sunday afternoon, but we had so much to do that it didn't work out. We dropped the ball on that one... Hopefully the Lord will forgive us and give us the chance to teach them this week. 
I am writing fast this week, because there isn't much time. I love you all and thank you for the encouragement! These next few weeks will be some of the most special weeks of my life. 
I really am so grateful for the chance I have to be a missionary. Love you all.

Elder Williams