Sunday, March 23, 2014

Update on White Shirts for Mozambique Missionaries!


An update: 

Thank you for all of the support to aid in our desire to bring white shirts to Africa.  These shirts will be made available to young men from Mozambique who are called to serve throughout the world.  Due to the financial hardships that many young men face and the scarcity of high quality white shirts we feel it an honor to help these young men who will have such great opportunities to grow and then return to Mozambique as faithful, experienced leaders.   

My wife and I will be leaving for Africa on April 12th and will be bringing with us a suitcase full of white shirts.  We will leave the suitcase and shirts for these missionaries.  I have coordinated with Mr. Mac (Clothing Company in SLC) for very high quality shirts for $14/each.  I am hoping to bring close to 50 shirts with us.  Please email us directly for more information.  


Todd & Cheryl Williams