Monday, March 10, 2014

Maputo - Week 99


Hello Family!
This week was very very busy! There was transfers so there was a lot to get ready. We also had 5 new missionaries arrive from the Provo MTC so there was a lot to get ready for that as well. Not to mention the normal meetings and things we had going on in our own area.
It was an interesting experience as the new elders came into the mission this past week. It reminded me a lot of when I first came into the country. I remember that I had a thousand things going through my head as we were driving through the city after getting picked up at the airport. I was definitely able to relate to the new missionaries as they came in. I was and am so excited for them. They are coming into the mission at such an exciting time. They really have no idea what they are getting into, and they have no idea what kind of experiences they are going to have. It really will be the best 2 years. All of the new missionaries stayed here in Maputo, and 4 of them went to the Matola zone! So I was able to talk Matola up a little bit and get them excited to serve there. They are going to love it! I'm glad that we were able to spend a couple of days with them and get them even more excited about serving in ''The Greatest Mission in the World.'' Me and Elder Greenman gave them the training for all new missionaries which is called, ''Welcome to the Greatest Mission in the World!'' it was a good opportunity for us to start ''passing on the vision'' to these next generations of missionaries. All 5 of the new missionaries are very impressive. This mission only gets the best!
Another meeting that we had this week was Staff Meeting. We have staff meeting each Tuesday morning. But the Staff Meeting we had this past week was a little bit different than normal. President Kretly wasn't there, so me and Elder Greenman had the opportunity to direct the Staff Meeting and talk about the items of business. The meeting didn't run as perfectly as it does when President is there, but it still ran! It was a good learning opportunity. 
This week, President Kretly gave a leadership training to all mission leadership. He focused on just a few of the '7 Habits of Highly Affective People.' I always learn so much when he gives his trainings. He makes it very clear that the principles he teaches aren't just for our mission life, but will help us for the rest of our life. It was a very good training, and I'm already looking forward to the on that will be coming up this next transfer! 
And as for the area, it's going really well! Ana came to church with Carlos, Ronaldo and Iva showed up for the baptism and marriage that we had in the Branch, and we keep finding more! Yesterday after church we taught 2 very special families. One of them we had contacted the day before, and the other was a house contact that we ended up teaching right then and there! The lessons we very powerful, especially the second one with Nelson and Nayomi. It was raining so hard and so it was very noisy considering there roof is made of tin. Then, during the middle of the Restoration the power went out. So there were a lot of natural things against us during the lesson. But the Spirit was very strong. We were gathered up close together so that they could hear our message over the loudest of the rain. The only light we had were from phones and from lightning in the windows. They are a very special family. They were very touched by the Book of Mormon as well. They committed to read it without any problems, but then after we prayed and started walking out of there house, he stopped me and said, ''Elder, when I told you during the lesson that I would read the Book of Mormon, I was lying. But now, I really will read it.'' Something touched his heart to point of him reading the Book of Mormon. Maybe he was touched by the fact that we were about to walk in flooded roads without boots on or maybe when he said the closing prayer he felt the urge to read the Book of Mormon. It was a very special moment. I'm so grateful that the Lord touched their hearts. We will go back on Tuesday night to read the Book of Mormon with them. 
Other things are going well in the work! We are getting Zone Conference ready for the first week of April. We are very excited for the Zone Conference and lots of things will be learned. 
As far as transfers are concerned... The Lord's will happened again! It was great to have the chance to have a more active part in transfers and to see how inspired President really is. Lot's of changes happened in the mission. As for me and Elder Greenman, we will be staying together. But since we leave at the same transfer, it would be really hard for two new assistants to jump in after we leave and learn everything by themselves. So we are going to have a tri-panionship. Me, Elder Greenman, and Elder Santos! I have already served with Elder Santos. We served as Zone Leaders together in Matola, and i get to serve with him again! I Love Elder Santos so much. He is a very special missionary. So the plan is for us to train him to do all the things that he needs to so that he can not only be an Assistant next transfer, but train the next one. So he has a lot on his plate! But if anyone is capable of this challenge, it is Elder Santos. Tonight we will go pick him up from Matola. And it will work out perfectly because Elder Greenman goes home a week before me anyway, so then I will stay with Elder Santos and have a companion the whole time. I am really excited about this transfer.
I'm grateful for the chance I have to serve one more transfer. I am going to take advantage of each and every week and day that I have. It will be the best transfer of all! I love this work and I know that the Book of Mormon is a lot more powerful than sometimes we think it is. I love you all.

Elder Williams

''Work like it depends on you, pray like it depends on the Lord.''