Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Maputo - Week 103

This week was maybe one of the most meaningful weeks of my whole mission. I have learned so much, and I have had so many experiences that I will never forget. 
Tuesday, we touched  up some final things for zone conference and made sure that everything was ready  to go. The Matola zone leaders did a very good job setting everything up and cleaning the chapel before. We also got that sticker (which you already saw) put on the back of President Kretly's car and on the back of our car. It says on the back, "Queres ter uma família feliz?'' Which means, "Do you want a happy family?'' Then, it has the assistant phone number. Someone already called as well! It was a man that lives in our area. We marked with him, but the lesson ended up falling through. We know that prepared people really will call! 
Zone Conference...was unbelievable. Even though I helped prepare the training, I learned just as much if not more as I have in any other conference. President Kretly taught so well, and the Spirit was so strong. I learned a lot about family history and our purpose as missionaries. We also learned about the pride cycle, (which was one of the last second things we felt needed to be included). We talked about ''mission life'' and ''real life.'' That our mission life prepares us for our real life. If we can't learn to be obedient now during our mission life, then we won't be obedient in our real life. Also, the rules of real life are a lot harder and less fair than the rules of mission life. So really, our mission prepares us for the rest of our lives. I was really touched by that part. 
So after lots of preparation, zone conference was a complete success. I'm very happy with how it turned out. The missionaries loved it as well. I had the chance to bear my testimony at the end of the conference as well since it is my last one. I'm grateful for that chance.
As for the rest of the week, I worked in the area! It has been really nice. There were some problems going on in a few areas so President needed to move some things around in some areas. I have been walking a lot with Elder Kanaga from Mesa, Arizona. His area is in the city of Maxixe. But until he receives his companion, he has been working with us here. We have had the chance to ''kill two birds with one stone'' and work in the area and the office. Elder Kanaga is a really good missionary and I've been impressed with him. He is speaking good portuguese, and he teaches really well. We have learned a lot from each other. Together, we participated some very spiritual lessons. One of which was with Michael and Joyce. It was an unbelievably powerful plan of salvation lesson. At the  end Michael said that he will never think of life  the same ever again. He asked, ''how many ways can I receive an answer that the Book of Mormon is true?'' After explaining that there are many ways that they can receive an answer, he said, ''this message took out lots of doubts that I've had my whole life. And all of the answers were in the Book of  Mormon. I know that it's true.'' The spirit was so strong! They are very smart, and we prepared lots of scriptures to help them understand the plan of salvation. All the scriptures touched them so much, and they accepted a baptismal date. As we were planning that morning, I felt like Michael and Joyce would have lots of questions about Adam and Eve and that we shouldn't talk very much about it because they would have enough questions. I expressed that to my companions, and we planning according. It ended up being right. As we talked about the pre earth life, Joyce had already thrown out a Adam and Eve question, and we were prepared. We were able to respond with the scriptures we had prepared, and they understood. The spirit really did help us during our studies so that we were prepared to teach the right things. I am so grateful that the Spirit helped us and prepared us.
We have also been working with an inactive member named Dxxxx. He was baptized by Elder Workman in Marromeu. he now lives with his wife, and he wants to come back down the right path. We have been working with them,  and we are so excited for them. His wife is also excited to get baptized after they get married. 
Another new family that we are excited about is Fxxxx and Ixxxx. They have had all sorts of problems together... they are struggling to find happiness. But we are trying to help them apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ in their lives. I won't write that much about them because I don't have time. (I'll write it in my journal). We are going to go teach them right now!
Cxxxxx and Axxxx and Rxxxxx and Ixxx continue to progress as well. We had 6 full investigating families at church in our companionship. The Lord is really blessing us as we are diligently  working in our area. 
This week, should be interesting... It's Elder Greenman's last week. We'll lose him on Friday. He has been doing good, and is working hard until the end. This work really does bring satisfaction. I'm so happy doing this work. The lives of these people really are changing. I'm so grateful for it. I love you all.

Elder Williams