Monday, July 9, 2012

Quelimane - Week 12

Whats up!

First of all, did Steve Nash really get traded to the Lakers? That's the worst news I've ever heard in my entire life. Who did the Suns get in return? I need to know.
Haha well anyway, the week went by so fast! The days seem like weeks, and the weeks seem like days. I go to bed exhausted every night because we walk all over. But I'll get used to it.
Sounds like camping and 4th of July and everything was fun. I really do miss doing those things. They were so fun! And I bet it's weird with only the 3 kids at home.
The Portuguese is coming along. I feel differently about the language every single day. Some days I'm very confident and I can understand people, and other days I feel completely useless and that I'll never learn the language. But I always go back and think at how much I've learned in such a short time. It really is a miracle. I've noticed that when I really focus on what the investigator is saying, and do my best to understand, I always know what to say. The Spirit is willing to help when we give an effort.
One thing I've really enjoyed this week is my personal study. I found a way to study the scriptures like never before. There is a difference between reading the scriptures, and studying them. Reading them is wonderful, and we learn so much when we read. But when we really study, we get SO much more out of it. It's crazy. I look forward to that one hour of personal study each day. I was an idiot in the past for not studying as much as I should have.
So President Kretly is here in Mozambique! We meet him the 18th, and I'm pumped. The zone leaders went down to Maputo for a training by him. President Kretly is a serious business man, so he means business. He has some big goals for us in making stakes and wards within his time. He thinks everyone needs to step it up here. Which is good, cause everyone can always do a little better. He's the perfect president for me, and he's definitley gonne help me to be the best missionary I can be.
The food here is... interesting. I decided to try to take up cooking this past week, and it didn't work. I made rice and beans, and rice and potatoes and the world's worst tasting hot dog. Haha so bad. Two of the Elder's in the house realized that I didn't know how to cook for myself so they took me under their wing. The three of us cook together, and we made homemade salsa and homemade chips, and we have a good week of food planned for this week as well. I'm glad they offered to help me. I needed it bad. I was getting sick of the peanut butter and jelly, and the tasteless oatmeal. Haha.
Our investigators are going good. President Kretly has the goal of each companionship get two baptisms every transfer. That's a lot. But definitley possible. We're teaching quite a few people right now and a few families as well. There are a lot of Muslims here, and we need President's permission to teach them, because Muslims can be killed for betraying their faith if we teach them. Even killed by their own families. There was an awesome Muslim family we were teaching but they told us not to come back because it would be to hard for them because they are big examples in their faith. They loved everything we had to say too, so that made it hard. But hopefully they'll get a chance to except it later.
The shower here is... interesting. The hot water doesn't work. It's the worst thing. The Elder's say I should just get used to cold showers. That was the last thing I wanted to hear. Haha plus the power goes out like twice a week. It's the worst.
Oh and it is impossible to avoid mosquiotes here. Our apartmnet is full of them. I'm constantly swatting them. Such a pain. Hopefully my pills continue to kill the Malaria! Haha kinda scary.
The beach last week was sweet! The Osborn's said we could go into the water up to our ankles. Haha. But it was way warm! We played football and had sandwhiches and tried catching crabs. So much fun. There were fishermen all up and down the coast selling fish one the beach. The biggest tuna's you'd ever see! Some shark as well. It was crazy.
Well anyway, I don't know what else to say.. If I think of more during my email to President then I'll write more.

I Love you guys! 

Be grateful for the way you live!


Elder Williams