Monday, July 16, 2012

Quelimane - Week 13

What up?

Man, the weeks really fly by here. It's crazy. Sounds like you've guys have had a fun, busy week. Glad you had fun though! That's too bad that it was really hot and stuff like that while camping. Did you go to go home to a hot shower and electricity? Haha.
That's good you were able to go with the Bushnell's as well. I got an email from Bronson in Portuguese, so that was really cool! I understood the whole email, so hopefully I'll have time to respond back to him!
Like I said, this week was was really good! Except for that our house didn't have water for a few days. It's pretty discouraging coming home after walking around in the hot weather and being covered in sweat and not being able to shower. And then doing that for 3 days in a row. Haha I definitely felt pretty dirty! But we have water now, so it's all good.
Thanks for taking care of that letter and sending it to AC's Mom. I didn't have much time to do that, but I will definitely have time next time. It's good to hear how all of my friends are doing throughout the world. And I'm glad you're able to talk with my friends Mom's as well! I hope you can continue to get to know them better!
Nothing too crazy happened this week, but I did have few amazing experiences. One specifically stands out, and I'm still thinking about it. Let me tell you about it.
So on friday, our district did splits. I was really nervous for this day, cause my companion was going to be going with our district leader in his area. This means that I was going to have to show my area to another Elder (the district leader's companion.) Since it was my area, and he didn't know our investigators or the area, I was the "leader" I guess for the day. I was going to lead all the lessons and the Elder I was with was going to let me take control. But I ended up growing in the language that day a ton, so that was good. But anyway, we had an appointment later that night with a family that we had met by knocking doors. We shared a brief message that night, and the wife especially had looked really interested. We were very optimistic for this family. Which is why I was nervous to not have my companion there, cause I didn't want to blow it with bad Portuguese. But, we went to the lesson anyway. Obviously.  When she answered the door, she said her husband was gone. We were bummed, but we felt like we should go in a teach her anyway. So we went with it. I led everything, and everything came out naturally. I ended up teaching her the entire Restoration, with asking her questions here and there. The Spirit was so strong, and when we started talking about Thomas S. Monson, she broke down. She said she couldn't explain what she was feeling but I told her that it was the Holy Ghost testifying that this was true. And that President Monson is the prophet of God. We even set a baptisimal date to work for! All in one lesson. It was the coolest thing of my life. It was, and still is humbling that the Lord lets me play a major part in changing this ladies life. Our message is so important. We're helping change lives for eternity. It's super cool. So that's something really cool that happened this past week.
President Kretly comes into Quelimane on Tuesday, tomorrow. He's taking us to dinner at like 7, so that will be fun. But I'm a little nervous to meet him! But way excited as well.
One thing I've really grown to love on my mission is scripture study. The Book of Mormon is so good! I love being able to study it everyday. We take it for granted I think, but we NEED the Book of Mormon in our lives. Especially living in the world, it's a good reminder everyday of what's important. I want to challenge Nicholas, to read the Book of Mormon everyday until I come home, and to read it all the way through. Even if it's just a chapter a day. I've become a better person when I put in a real effort into scripture study, trying to learn more. I want to challenge everyone to do it! It's really not that hard to find a little bit of time everyday. You'll be blessed if you do!
One thing I really enjoy doing is playing soccer every morning. Some times, some locals come and play with us too! So fun. Some of them have some real good skills. I'm getting better too. Haha it's pretty fun!
Our other investigators are going good as well. I've developed a real love for them. I honestly take a bullet in the face for every single one of them. Which is impressive considering a few months ago I "hated" everyone I'd see on the street. Haha so that is getting better.
Morgan, thanks for the message! I love you too! Have a fun summer!
Small Babe, Good look with you baseball tournament. And yes, i will be gone for awhile, but don't think about it, and it'll fly by!
Nick, start preparing for your mission now. You can't prepare too early. Do whatever you need to do to find good friends. That's the biggest influence on teenagers. We have amazing parents, but sadly in this world, we think our friends influence us more. So pray everyday that you can find good ones.
Mom and Dad, Thanks for the awesome example you have been to me. My patriarchal blessing says I will be "eternally grateful for my parents" and I've already felt that. So thanks so much. I've learned so much from you. Just keep having FHE every week. It's easy to get distracted, but those 3 kids need to gain testimonies on what's really important. And so far you are 3 for 3 raising kids, so I know you'll help them as well.
And Mom, one more thing. This is the day you've been waiting for for my entire life. Haha because this is the day that I tell you I regret quiting the piano. Haha will you teach me when I get home? Don't let Nick and Andrew quit. Haha they'll regret it.
Well, I hope you all have a good week! You're in my prayers.
Love, Elder Williams