Monday, July 23, 2012

Quelimane - Week 14

Well, this is weird. It feels like I was just barely emailing like 2 days ago. Haha. Time flies! It's so crazy. It's been a another good week!
Glad to be able to hear from all you! Sounds like the family and everyone is doing good.
Small Babe, I'm super pumped about small babe's baseball tournament. That's unreal! 41-1 over two years is unbelievable. I wish I could've been there for sure! But I know he''ll be winning a lot more state championships once I'm home anyway, so I'll be around for those.
Nick, that's tight you'll be trying out for the soccer team. I know you'll do great! Obviously you'll do great. And if Coach Bayles is still the coach, then tell him you're my brother. He loves me. He used to let me watch march madness with him in class, while the student teacher was teaching. Haha so he'd love you! But I don't think he's the coach anymore... but we'll see.
Mom, the organ huh? That's super tight! That would be pretty scary playing in front of everyone at church, but you'll do great. And that's crazy that you have 3 callings now! They're definitely keeping you busy.
Dad, I too hurt sometimes not being able to be home with everyone. The family is quickly changing and I want to be a part of it! It's almost like I'm dead over here with little communication, and everyone is living thier lives over there. But that's what sacrifice is all about I guess. It would be selfish of me to live the gospel, and not go around and share it with others. So I know this is where I'm supposed to be. And sounds like trek is going to be unreal. Trek really can change lives. I look back on my youth, and trek really helped me to be able to feel the Spirit better. Those experiences were some of the strongest times I've felt the Spirit, until the mission obviously. You're really lucky to be able to have a big part in helping the youth get on missions. So I'm excited for next summer for you!
Tiff, Taco Amigo. Bahaha! Haha I think this is hilarious. It really is a good job. Good environment as well. Plus you get to work with Britt and Hudson! So that's tight! I honestly miss taco amigo so bad. I miss the coke with the perfect ice balls, the fries with the taco amigo fry sauce, and a big amigo. So delicious. Way better then rice and beans. Haha. Sounds like you had a good run in the call center. Haha. But I'm super excited for you guys to move in. Tell me how it goes!
Britt, thanks for the email! Oh wait... Haha just kidding. I'll probably get it in a few minutes anyway. Hope everything is going good with You and G. Love you!
Morgan, Good luck with the dance tryout! I know you did great! Love you!
So it was a good week here in Quelimane. I finally met President Kretly and his wife. They bought us dinner on Tuesday night, and then they had to leave for the week but came back yesterday for church. They both spoke, and then President Kretly gave us his training. He's given thousands of trainings all over the world, so he knows what he's doing. He has many plans for our mission and wants stakes NOW. He has a plan to have 2 stakes by the end of the year. One in Maputo, and one in Beira. There is yet to be a stake here in Mozambique. He says there is no excuse why each companionship shouldn't be getting 2 baptisms a transfer. It was a way cool training! It made me even more pumped and ready to serve. He already knew me because of my video, and Uncle Rusty. SO that was cool. But I got to know him a lot better this past week, and I'm really excited to be able to work with him more. You can follow his blog at Obviously I made the blog. Haha.
Their son also came with them for the first few weeks. He returned from his mission from Tokyo about a year ago, and he know Parker as well! So that was kind of cool. He's a cool kid, and speaks fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. Pretty crazy.
This week was a good week teaching as well! I can understand most of what everyone says and I can respond. It's pretty amazing how fast I picked things up. I  KNOW there must have had help to help me learn the language. The Spirit is definitely helping me. I seen the gift of tongues first hand. And it's humbling.
As for Cornelio, we are still working with him, he's chaged his life to live the gospel. He pretty much teaches the Principles of the Gospel class. It's amzing. We continue to teach him and help him prepare. I love him to death. Plus, he's super sick. Haha
A few of our other investigators are planning on getting baptized next month. Jazilla, Hotencilio and Helena, and Raul. They have commited, but we could be commiting a few more this week, so I'll let you know! I don't really have a crazy stories this week, since we did have our water. But I did get to dribble a basketball for the first time in awhile! These kids had one and they let me show them my ball handling abilites. They were in shock. It was pretty sweet. I even saw a kid wearing a steve nash mavericks jersey! Haha it was sweet. We've also seen a BYU shirt, and diamondbacks rec shirt. It was sweet! Everything everyone wears is given from people in the states. So sad.
Well I think that's it for this week! Wasn't very intersting, but I'm doing well! I hope you all have a good week. I do miss you all like crazy, but I can honestly say I have not been homesick once. President Benson promised if we work to our full potencial, we won't be homesick. SO I'll continue to go hard, and know I have been working hard. I've already seen a big change in myself. Have A good week! 
Love you!

-Love Elder Williams