Monday, July 30, 2012

Quelimane - Week 15

Dear Family, 

Another very fast and busy week has gone by. I can't believe how fast the weeks go! It really is crazy. The days are so long... but I enjoy each day as well. Elder Workman and I had a pretty busy week this past week. We had tons of lessons, and found tons of new families. It's interesting, because all growing up in church and seminary and stuff, I heard that knocking doors wasn't very effective, because barely anyone ever lets the missionaries in. But that's not the case! We can pretty much get into any house we want, and if not, we can schedule a time to come back. It's pretty amazing. But we are crammed with investigators right now! From Tuesday to Saturday last week, we taught thirty-six lessons to investigators. That's a pretty good number. And we should have even more this week, so that's exciting!
Sounds like this week was a good one! I guessed I missed the "every 5th sunday" get together yesterday. Sorry about that. I miss those! They were honestly so fun. And a volleyball set? That's sweet! I would've wrecked everyone's day for sure! So good thing I wasn't there. Haha just kidding.
I can't believe Nick is going to EFY (Especially for Youth) today. He's a growing buddy! Haha but he's really going to have so much fun. Nick, make sure you pick up on all the honey's! That's pretty much the whole point of EFY. Haha kidding again. But Nicholas, if you go in with a good attitude, you'll learn a lot. To this day I still remember my first EFY and I still talk with some people I met there. One of the most spiritual experiences I've had was in my first EFY testimony meeting. I still think about that every once in awhile. So make sure you have a lot of fun, but don't do anything to stupid. You'll have a blast!
Tiff asked some good questions about my area and church and stuff, so I'll give some answers. We only have one ward here in Quelimane, and there is probably about 15 members. But about 87 or so come to church every week. Most of them are investigators. Elder Osborn is very cautious with baptisms, but President Kretly wants one every week! So the baptisms will be coming pretty soon! I'm excited to see the group here grow.
A lot of the people here live in very bad apartments. One's that were built by the Portuguese. So people either live in those, or in houses that they pretty much built themselves. It's kinda cool teaching in huts! But it's really sad when we teach there at night and all they have is a candle for the whole family in a one room hut. Everyone spends their days outside. I kinda relate the living here to camping. Everyone is pretty much camping all the time. Kinda crazy.
The church is only two hours long. We have an hour of sacrament, and then an hour where everyone splits up. Into primary, principles of the gospel, and youth. I've been able to spend time in all three classes, as well as help in primary a few times. I love helping in primary, especially when they sing! They sing so loud! Haha it's really cool.
Yesterday at church, we didn't have the Osborn's or or zone leaders here with us at church because they were traveling. So we had to run church with just the 4 of us Elders. Mom, you would be proud to know that I played prelude music! Whoo! Haha.
But I felt really bad that I wasn't able to play any of the church hymns for that day. So we didn't use a piano. I felt so bad. Usually Sister Osborn plays, but she was gone. If only I knew how!
We do have ovens and stoves, and running water and everything, but most people don't. They cook in these little dutch oven types of things. And they go to wells to get water. It's so crazy to see how people live. And I guess I'm in a "rich" area. Which is what I learned this week. Haha so that was interesting news.
I can't get enough of the kids here. Some of them are scared of us and start crying, but most of them love us! Especially the ones that lives around our house. We chase them around and stuff during lunch and sometimes they'll watch us play soccer. I love them! But sometimes when we're studying they'll try to get us to come out and play. They don't understand how busy we are! Haha
I got an email from Taylor just barely and he's doing good! Same with Cade as well. He is still in Kansas though. He might never get his visa to Argentina. So we'll see about that.
Well, it's been a good week, and I love you all! Hope you have a good week, and don't forget to read your scriptures everyday! 

Love you!
-Elder Williams