Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Manga - Week 41

This week flew by! The past few weeks Elder Fontes and I have been really focused! Time really is something very strange on the mission. Well, it's currently raining again here in Beira, which I am grateful for because yesterday was probably the hottest day I've had so far on the mission. It was so hot! Some people think we're crazy. People yesterday asked us, "you guy still walk around all day with this kind of weather?" But the work most go on!
Yesterday was a holiday here in Mozambique. So President Kretly moved P-day to today, and we worked like it was a normal day yesterday. Because most places were closed, shopping and internet would have been difficult. I bet you guys were confused when you didn't receive a letter from me yesterday!
The work continues to go on here in Mozambique! Sometimes I feel like the work just stops. I felt that way because we prepare families for baptism, but they can't be baptized because they aren't married! Aghh! We are currently helping them get documents ready, but it's so difficult. Every family of ours that is progressing prefectly, lives in a mud house. That's the situation in my area right now. But the Lord will bless these families as they continue to sacrifice. We did a fast with a family this past week, Sabado and Laura, so that we can get all the legal papers and money ready for the big marriage that was supposed to happen on the 15 of February. But during the fast I was talking to the Zone Leaders about exactly what would happen during the wedding, and they told me that it won't be happening. I was annoyed, because the Zone Leaders told me to prepare a family for that day, and they would prepare the party. But now they won't be preparing anything for Sabado and Laura. So we'll see this week what will happen. We will continue to pray that Sabado and Laura will be baptized on the right day.
Another family, Jane and Adalina, are progressing so nicely! They too, live in a mud hut and don't have much money. We are helping them save money and prepare financially for everything, but on Thursday night, men with machedes and knifes entered their small home and took everything. So hard. All these people want is to do what's right and follow the gospel of Jesus Christ, but things like this happen to them. So sad! But I know the Lord will bless them as they continue faithful.
Another family, Diogo and Guida, are progressing unbelievably as well! They read the Book of Mormon together and always have questions written down for us when we come. But this week we found out that the family of Guida wants a lot of money from Diogo to "legally" marry her.  An African tradition that makes things difficult. We're trying to figure out the best route to take with them. It looks like they might forget about their family and get married and baptized anyway! Which would be un amazing sacrifice. We'll see what happens this week, We'll be sitting with them tonight.
So our area is having a lot of challenges, but many blessing at the same time! I know the Lord will bless our area with all of our labors and they way we are working. This area has NEVER baptized a whoe family before. Only part families and teenagers. So we are definitely heading in the right direction!
The branch is a work in progress as well. We are now having branch meetings, which didn't happen before. Leadership in a few presidencies in the branch will change as well, so we are heading in the right direction! 
My health is good! I have yet to suffer and physical problems here on the mission, I haven't even had a blister! I had an ingrown toenail last week, but it disappeared? It was super weird... So that's not a problem!
Sounds like things at home are going good! Super bowl Sunday? So tight! Hope everyone had a fun time together. And did Nick really only spoke Chinese during the play? That's super cool! Good work!
Well, I love you all and hope you have a good week! The Church is true! There really is nothing more rewarding than sharing the gospel. Even if it is unbelievably hot!

Love, Elder Williams