Monday, February 25, 2013

Manga - Week 44

Well I got blindsided this morning! When I went to bed last night, I was almost certain that I would stay here in Manga 2. But I was absolutely shocked to see that I was transfered. Tomorrow morning, I'm heading to Beira 2. To be honest, I´m completely heartbroken. This morning my life was dashed into a million pieces. Leaving Quelimane was so hard! But it doesn't even compare to how difficult it will be to leave Manga 2. I grew a love for my area, the branch presidency, the branch, the routine, the investigators, and the investigators who were baptized, the english class I taught, and the mission prep class I taught. I dont feel like its my time to leave Manga 2! I feel like I've done alot to help the branch, but with more time, i can do more!
The fact that I was serving in the branch presidency, I thought for sure I would stay! But I'm the only Elder that will be leaving Manga 2. Elder Fontes will stay in our area and he will serve with Elder Andrade, my past companion in Quelimane. I have now left 2 of my areas to him.
I will go serve with Elder Vestia, from Lisbon, Portugual. (He actually knows Elder Bushnell). He is pretty new in the mission, and I already lived with him for a transfer here in Manga. He was getting trained about the same time as Elder Fontes. Together, Elder Vestia and I will enter a whitewashed area. Which means that he doesn't know the area and I dont know the area. So we should have fun first week here in Beira! But I've done a whitewash before, so it shouldnt be to bad. I just hope the past Elders wrote in the areabook!
Church yesterday was great! 133 showed up. The Lord has given me the chance to see growth of almost 100 people in the branches frequency. Such a blessing! I'm grateful to have been a part of it. I'm also glad that I was able to help this branch have meetings. Im almost positive that after I leave, these meetings will still happen! I'm grateful for the large role I had in helping this branch get going.
This morning, me and Elder Fontes walked with ANOTHER family to get documents for marriage. Baptisms here in Mnaga 2 will be snowballing real fast over the next few months! Its a shame I won't be here to witness it, but the same thing will happen in Beira 2, so its all good!
I dont have very much time, because my internet account is about to run out of time. But I want you to know that I have been transfered! And I really am devastated. But I know there are more opportunities for me here in Beira, so we will see what happens!
Glad to know everything at home is going well! Nick better tell me how soccer tryouts went! I bet he did great. I saw the article on Elder Allred. Thats so tight! He looks great. I wanted to cry when I saw that picture of him. Haha he's doing awesome work out there in SC!
Well have a good week! Love you all.

Love, Elder Williams