Monday, February 18, 2013

Manga - Week 42

Note this week: "So last week, I wrote an email home, and when I was almost finished, the internet here died. So I wasn't able to send it. So this week, I'll send this weeks letter, and last weeks letter. Haha that's what happens here!"

Good week here in Manga! We had a week full of baptismal invites, so that is really exciting!
So this morning, we arrived here in the city by train! It was super cool. The train station is right behind our house so we figured we've give it a try. 
But this train experience was like nothing I've ever experienced. They cram people into the train until the point where people are only hanging on with their arms! And when people want to get off the train? They just jump off! About halfway through the train ride, the train slows down so that people can get off halfway through the ride. But the train doesn't come to a complete stop! Haha it was crazy! But don't worry, the other Elders and I waited until the last stop to get off, so we didn't have to jump. Haha but I won't forget this experience! I'll have to take some pictures next week when we take the train again!
The branch here in Manga 2 is a work in progress! So much potential, if everyone does their part. The missionaries, members, and other branch leaders. We've called branch meetings, but members don't show up for the meetings. So this is a challenge that we are having right now. But we hope to help these members keep commitments as well so that we can successfully have these meeting to help the branch. I know that as we start to get more organized as a branch, things will start happening, and these meetings will be a success! And I know we will see REAL GROWTH here in Manga 2. Which is our mission goal.
So I got a phone call for Catia Nichols on Saturday. I was able to talk to her and her husband saturday afternoon. They got my number from Elder Hall, a senior couple here in Beira. But one thing very interesting, is when I was talking to John Nichols. He said, "so a few people I know told me that I need to call you Zona." haha I was so surprized! I asked him who he knew, and he said we know a few mutual people in common. They are here in Beira, and sounds like they are having just a wonderful time! They head up to Quelimane this week, (lucky for them). So you'll have to keep in touch with them!
Glad to hear that everything back home is going good! That's sick that Dad is in Norway! He is so right about the London airport. It's the worst. I spent many hours in that airport... haha.
Andrew is tearing up the basketball court! Keep doing work! Try to get him on the best team possible. But make sure it's right for him. I remember when I was his age, I played on those competive teams and it did nothing good for me. But when I left those competitive teams, I really developed as a basketball player. But Andrew has more talent than me as well.
So sad to here about the girl from PG. Yes I did know her. So sad.
I like what Dad said to me in his letter this week. He said hasn't read a single "he's the worst" or "I hate him" in my letters. I can't believe I thought that stuff about people! I was the worst in those situations. I'm learning to love others. And view them through the eyes of Christ. The way He would see them. Sister Kretly taught in a zone conference that this is the way we should see others. The way Christ would see them. It really adds a whole new perspective to missionary work and life.
Well we gotta take off, but have a good week all of you!

-Elder Williams