Monday, February 18, 2013

Manga - Week 43

So sorry about last week, I wrote a letter home but the internet died before I could finish the letter! I'm not exactly sure how the internet died, but it did. So this week, you are lucky to recieve two letters from me!
We had a good week here, but lots of rain! We've been walking in rain boots for the past few weeks. The roads fill with water unbelievably fast. And sometimes the rain boots still don't do the trick and we have to walk with water up to our knees and water in the rainboots. We just have to make sure to wash our feet and legs really good at night to not catch possible diseases from the water.
Me and Elder Fontes taught tons of lessons this week! Our area is far away, so it takes awhile to commute to and from, but even with the commute we were able to teach 41 lessons, which is a fairly good number. We are finding new families as well. Our families that are progressing and preparing for baptism are Sabado and Laura, Sammo and Mimi, Jane e Adilina, Jorge and Argentina, Jaime and Anita, Diogo and Guida, Rudy and Edna, Rafael and Paula, and Nelson and Ancha. We have some new families as well tht have plenty of potential! We'll see what happens over the next few weeks.
The small branch of Manga two is slowly growing. Yesterday we had a number of 127 in sacrament meeting. That is the highest number the branch has had! We were so excited! No it's a matter of working with the members to keep the people that are coming, as well as bring more members. Before this transfer, we had a goal to have 150 in sacrament meeting by the end of the transfer, we'll see if we reach our goal next week! 
As well as having a high number in sacrament meeting, we had our first successful branch council on saturday! We've always tried to have these meetings, but the members have showed up! But as more people are coming to church, it appears that the members have more enthusiasm to work. It was the first meeting we had with members from each presidency present. Elders Quorum  Relief Society, Young Mens, Young Women, Primary, Sunday School as well actually! Our Branch President and First Counselor don't know how these meetings should be, so I have been conducting these meetings. Fortunately, I have participated in many ward council meetings when serving as Deacons Quorum President, Teachers Quorum presidencies, and First Assistant to the Bishop. I grateful to have had those positions, so that I know how to run these meetings, and help the branch here to have these meetings. We had a great meeting, as we discussed things we can do do improve the branch. We followed the Church Administration Manual 2, Chapter 4 that explains about this meeting. We talked about the welfare of the members in each group, spiritually and physically; Missionary work; and recent converts as well as less actives who are returning to the church. We developed plans to help each group reach goals that they have. I was really excited about the direction of the branch after the meeting we had. If we continue to have these meetings each week, and if we do the things we say we will do, I know the branch will grow even that much more.
I was able talk to the Nichols family last week! Great family. We need to be friends with them! So stay in contact with them, especially when they return home to Alpine. They are just loving their time here in Mozambique, and are having some cool experiences!  That's good they got to have these experiences. They won't forget this family trip they had!
Mom, don't worry I always feel safe. The only times I don't feel safe is when I almost get hit by cars, which happens a few times a day. But this past week we had people try to break into our house! Elder Monteiro, and Elder in our house woke up to the sound of people trying to open our metal cage the surrounds the doors. But he flipped on the light, and they ran away. He thinks he knows who it is. But they haven't come back since that night. I don't think they'll come back.
An Elder told me that he found a place hear in Beria that sells contact solution! I don't know if it's true, but we'll see if I have time to stop by there today. But for know, I'm good on contact soution. Should last me another 8 months or so. So don't worry! 
This morning we went with a family to the government building in Beria in order to prepare wedding papers. It is so hard here! We need to take out a document, but they have a rule that you need to wait 10 days to take out the document after paying, even though they have the documents sitting right there! And the people who work there are always in a bad mood, so they don't want to help us. Haha. But it's ok, the Lord will prepare a way for these people to get everything ready!
Sounds like things back home are good! The trip to europe sounded like a cold one! I won't have to worry about cold for awhile. But I hope everyone is happy at home!
Nicholas, if you don't have a consistent habit of scripture study, START NOW! As well as consist personal prayer. These teenage years are so important! Who you spend your time with is who you will become. The adversary doesn't want you to serve a misison, so he will put obstacles in the way. One of my favorite scriptures is Doctrine and Covenants 10:5- "Ora sempre, para que saias vencedor; sim, para que vencas Satanas e escapes das maos dos servos de Satanas que apoiam o trabalho dele." This is what you need to do everyday! Love you!
I hope you all have a good week, I know that this is the Lord's kingdom on the Earth. We have a prophet of God in these latter days. A fulness of the everlasting gospel is on the Earth, and everything we need to know to return home. Another scripture I love Mosiah 2:41. I invite the family to read this scripture together. Love you all! Have a good week!

Love, Elder Williams